Sunday, April 1, 2012

Better Fashionably Late than not at all

It's been a while guys.

I went through a phase last month that I consider a major brain block. I worked on a lot of shoes and played with mesh but words for blogging just didn't seem to be there for me.

Have you ever had an SL temper tantrum? You hate your shape, your clothes and even your surroundings? That would pretty much be what I was feeling. I wasn't "bored" with SL as so many people get I was just.. frustrated. For instance, I passed my 4 year march this past January.. For the past 3 years I have had virtually the same shape. I find it hard to change Khloe because I've had her so long. She's a bit stuck in her ways. I'm also one of those people that sculpted my shape into a corner so that no skin other than what I'm wearing for the past.. year or two? actually looks right. For that matter even when I tweak my shape to try a change it looks exactly the same. I'm not very creative on that end and I suppose t has to do with my having 10 or so living avatars and countless pones I've been fed up with and deleted. I tend to be afraid I'll end up looking like one of my others.

I had finally decided to consider a whole new shape and skin when the bomb dropped...Last I posted we moved. We moved over 20 hours away from our last location and  it took a very long time for me to settle in. Then my SL boss decided to close down our company with a one day warning. I faced a dwindling account and the loss of my Main Store location. SL wasn't my friend..

On the flip side it gave me time to rekindle friendships and I have a new and AMAZING Main Store for [Blossom] on the Reasonable Desires Sim! Austie and Marti are really terrific so if you happen to stop in make sure to take a spin around the sim itself! It's set in a retro black and white theme complete with the Reasonable Desires Main Store, a jazzy bluesy type club, and tons of cute little stores and hidey holes to peek into. It;s a really neat place and I am thrilled to be a part of it all. You can Check it out -HERE-

My little break gave me time to work with new textures for my shoes and even dabble in new sculpts and some mesh as well! I did a mini release of my newest creation the 'Gradient Wedge' at the very LAST Fashionably Late! While I'm sad to see it end I was truly excited to be given the opportunity to participate!!

You can find these shoes at Fashionably Late until April 8th when the Sim closes for good! Be sure to grab them at the special introductory price of only 150L! Once they are released in my stores they will go back to 300L and there will be tons of colors to choose from. For now you can pink from Pink, Vibrant Purple and Sea Worthy Blue! This is an exciting venture as well as these shoes also give me a chance to showcase an amazing scripter friend I have, Lillith! She personally made me the amazing foot coloring HUD that comes with the shoe to help them match ANY skin tone! Let us know what you think!

I hope you all are enjoying the beginings of a beautiful spring!

Stay tuned in the upcoming days on information about the [Blossom] Spring Cleaning Sale!

Until Next Time! XOXO

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