Sunday, June 3, 2012

CHIC2- Oops I did it again

I swore I was going to be good and leave some things for others to blog but I just keep noticing things I MUST have and though you all might want them too!

If you haven't heard about the CHIC2 birthday event then you live under a rock. You can check my last 3 previous posts for a nibble of info!

Or you can just check below and see what's being offered this time around!

    Dress: [CIA Designs] Party Dress
    Lipstick: Pekka Flora pack Purple
    Necklace: MG -Eden Sun Pendent

   Dress: <Geometry> Pink & Purple (MESH)

   Swimsuit- Sn@tch- Bettie Swimsuit- Jade

You can snag these items -HERE- once the event opens! 

Until Next Time! XOXO

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