Friday, December 14, 2012

Ho HO HO @ [Blossom]

Hello loves,

It's been a while! I've been working super hard on getting the new store location up. It's not even half done but I've temp opened it for Christmas goodies! I've got new boots, sweaters, jeans pants and dresses! I haven't even put up most of my older stuff.. But I will. eventually!

I've also started a new Group Rewards program. Basically you join the group for 50L. You get first dibs on sales and awesome discounts. For example I'm currently offering my new sweaters for 100L to group members compared to the price of 175L none group members can pay. I've also got 5 special edition dresses for the holidays I'm offering for 150L for group and 300L for non. I'm hoping more for a lot of things with this. I'm hoping to easily offer more group related and non group related sales more often, I'm hoping to build up a loyal group base that can benefit from better pricing.. SO much. We'll see. I'm only offering the group discounts at the new location right now to see how they go. You can read more about it by locating the signs around the new location

 - HERE-

Sneak peek! Come check it all out!

There is also an ice skating rink, The Blue Lotus (Lilly's hangout club), and a few random buildings. As soon as I finish the store set up I'm unveiling my branch of Makeups and we hope to put in a few more little hangouts as well! Hope you enjoy!

And in case you haven't seen. These are a few of the newest releases at the new location:

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