Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bah Humbug

Just a bit of a quick downer post. oh.. and a holiday sale thing.

I needed a mini rant.!

DO you know what annoys me? The feeling of not being "worthy" of a designers. I completely missed Christmas in SL land last year because I was travelling. As the days have loomed closer this year I've made more of an effort to stop in and not only find gifts but to spend my hard earned Lindens in stores I may not always remember or have the cash flow to go to.

This past week I've been pretty much horribly weak and sick so I haven't really been on except to promote the store sale. About 2 nights ago I went into scramble mode to catch up on advent calendars and what not. I stopped in one rather well known store (I won't bother naming it because I hate the drama llama, but yeahhh) There were some supreme items that I would have gladly paid the back prices for. Only one minor issue.. The advent calendar was VIP group only and some brilliant soul had decided that the group should be closed to new entries until AFTER it was over.

Maybe it's just me but I see SO many stupid problems with this:

In this case for someone like me you not only lost out on the money from my joining the group, you lost out on any money I would have willing paid in back pricing for days I had missed in the advent calendar.. You also annoyed me so much you've lost out on any future sales as well. By shutting down a group you've pretty much made it clear you don't care. You don't care that someone new stumbled into your store and now feels like their prospective membership and sales don't matter. You don't care that someone would have been a loyal member and would have spent enough money to feed an entire wardrobe. You don't care that I no longer wish to give you my time and money. Because I was late to the party I have to wait like the bad kid in class until the masses have made away with their goodies and then by the time you deem I am again worthy of joining your group you'll also decide to inflate your prices to a point where it's not even worth the effort any more.

I'm really annoyed about this. As a designer I understand that many people join and leave just for the free stuff. But for the most part having a pay group tends to stop that. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Anyway. Merry Holidays or whatever. Also [Blossom] is having an uber sale until the beginning of the New Year or longer (whenever I decide to stop being sick. Bleck)

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