Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FOCUS on Sharodie

Hello lovelies!

My best gal Jazmine recently turned me on to a store I had as of yet, to find myself. She knows I'm a huge fan of a deal and anything cute and meshy so when she told me about Sharodie's Desgin I knew I had to take a peak. I'm usually pretty skeptical when someone tells me I need to check something out. I get in the mindset of " well, if I haven't found it by now...", But every once in a blue moon i find myself pleasantly surprised. Designer Sherodie Nightfire has really put out a well rounded store for the budget conscious fashionista!

The store ranges from club-wear, to casual wear, Gowns to wedding wear, skins and just about everything you  can thing of. I'm a huge fan of one stop shopping! Her wedding wear really made me want to have a wedding re-do just so I could snag some of the awesome dresses, and for those who dig bridesmaids there are a TON of gorgeous gowns that would work perfect for the bridal party or just a fashion forward guest!

For those of you who don't have a buck to spare or just want to try her things out she's got 8 amazing group gifts! 5 gowns, 2 skins and a cute little outfit as well! The group is currently free to join and it's well worth it There's even a new mesh dress in the recent history too! Of course once you've snagged those gifties you MUST check out the remainder of the store! From my experience it looks like everything clothng costs 10L- 29L! yeah.. I know right?! Even wedding gowns and full outfits! OMG!! THe only thing that will run you more than those prices seems to be skins which cost 199L- 499L- That's still cheaper than just about most places onthe grid. Don't let the prices fool you, the items are adorable and I'm obcessed with the mesh dress in the group history. It's vibrant and adorable and well made. Seems like this designer is all about the goodness of her heart and making sure we can all walk around looking beautiful!

Check out just a FEW of the gifts she's currently got:

You'll have to excuse my raw pictures tonight, I've been dealing with a really bad internet connection for the past few weeks and to make matters worse my good PC up and died on me last night! Jst poof, fade to black. I need to get that figured out. But anyway I at least wanted to make sure you got to see these goodies! The above 3 are absolutely free group gifts!

The poses used tonight are from FocusPoses. I've recently discoveed this gem of a pose store as well. I've mentioned them in a few of the past poses. I'm using 2 poses from the model 65 set this time around. If you are looking for afordable and somewhat unique style poses this is another great store to check out. They offer 3 lucky boards, some freebies and are participating in a few hunts currently! I'm a total convert. It's unusual for me to post where my poses are from because usually they end up jumbled inmy poser, but I was so excited about all the adorable poses I recieved that I just had to make it's own special poser for this store. Get over there!

and finally... check out these gems from N-core!

Behold their adorableness! They also happen to be FREE! N-core recently released these in store as their latest group gift. The group was still free so get down there and grab yourself a pair of fierce feline heels!Meeoow

Until next time!! XOXO

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