Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PurpleMoon with a bit of Focus

Hello loves!

Well my previous issues have mostly been fixed by now. The only upset in the entire deal is my inability to take pictures on the Firestorm viewer -UGH. However my amazing hubby hunted down a new viewer that seems to be picture worthy if not completely my style! So never fear! I have a new post!

First off if you happen to know of PurpleMoon then you know this month is a month of prizes, goodies, sales and hunts galore! It's been pretty amazing and Poulet is so generous! I finally was able to breech the 'sim full' barrier and mae it in for the Pearl Hunt running until June 30th! This is a must do hunt if you love gorgeous gowns! There are 14 pearls in all and each one holds one piece to a lovely purple gown , hair and all sorts of jewelry to match!

All items shown are part of the ::PM:: Pearl hunt! Please be aware you must be a group member to participate! There is only a small fee to join (I believe only 50L). Also, the hair shown is resize-able and color changeable as well!

I also snagged a recent release from Focus Poses to show you all as well! Both poses above are part of the collection as well as these shown below. I'm a huge fan for dramatic poses so when i open a pack and the first ones I try work perfectly with my clothes I am a super happy gal!

Love! Go check em out!

Until Next Time! XOXO

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