Monday, June 18, 2012

Good news or Bad news firts?

Hello darlings,

Well, I have good news and I have badnes regarding myself, SL and this blog...

The good news? I finally got updates to a kick butt computer. I won't spout the mumbo jumbo of the whats and whatever, but trust me it's awesome. My new video card makes my old one look like a baby, my 6 core processor is happy as a clam.

I however.. am not. I've got this amazing computer with some major flaws. It hates SL.. As in I need a 64 bit version of Firestorm for Linux and well... my husband is working on  compiling that as we speak. Another major flaw is that I don't currently have a desk and the area I need to position my hard drive is well...too far and thus ignores my mouse and keyboard. I'm currently looking a bit the the hunch back and using my lap as a desk space. SUCK.

Long story short. I can't upload any of my new textures which has put my creating on lock down for at least a day or two. --Insert Major cursing streak here-. I have SO many things coming up that I need new and awesome items for.

What this means- I'll be takig a short break until this is sorted out. I'll be inworld but there will be no pictures or posts or new shoes for a few days

Until Next Time


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