Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bad Neighbor Blues

Hello darlings!

I needed a bit of a rant today so if that doesn't interest you I suggest you move along :D

I'm begining to feel like I have a curse on me when it comes to my SL neighbors. In the past I've spoken about unwanted guests, tacky decor ruining my view and all sorts of bad neighbor bits and pieces.

We moved onto a new sim a few months ago an for a while I thought we had finally found our place. In an entire month not one bad thing happened. Eventually we decided this sim must be our perfect location! Hubby and I weighed our options of renting a larger parcel in hopes of giving us a bit of elbow room and possibly allowing me to put up a sky store! We snagged an edge plot, because really who doesn't love looking out on the water!? Every thing was groovy until his quaint log cabin was turned into a monstrous block house with full glow and all sorta of horrible things. I mean it got to the point where a banning of both members was unav oidable and actually okay'd by our anti ban landlords.

We stuck it out for 2 weeks but it seemed like an overly uncomfortable le situation so when we saw a parcel the same size close to our original plot I was on it like white on rice! The perfect plot only one beighbor! Happy dance.

I log on this afternoon and find that the neighbor who has been normal forever has rezzed a new house and it happend to be overlapping my plot. As in my fence now runs through her jukebox and her fence is all the way into my trees.


Why does this happen!? Do people not have eyes or is it just a total igroance is bliss deal? And why always us. Every place we have ever lived something went wrong..

Does anyone want to buy me a sim? or let me rent a corner away from the world?! I'd seriously love you forever and ever. I'm kidding of course. but goodness.

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