Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello darlings,

It's been a few days and I'm feeling like I should explain. I've been in a bit of a personal funk for a while now and I'm only just starting to piece myself back together.I love blogging, I love being in SL and creating- But I need some space.

I need to spend time focusing on what I expect from my life. And, hell, It's summer! I want to spend that time doing all the things my husband has in store. We'll be married for a year next month. I need to focus on that... we've had a long rocky year though we couldn't be stronger together <3

I've let a few people down recently in my decision to step back some and for that I'm sorry. Please know that I *will* still be around and I absolutely WILL be focusing my time on [Blossom]. [Blossom] is not going anywhere so shop away!

I may however be taking tiny breaks in between blogging.It shouldn't be much of a change from what it is now.. but I wanted you to know I hate the thought of this blog going silent so if you have a whim to take a stab at writing.. contact me. I've been considering looking for bloggers for a bit now.

Also, Sunday marks the start of Seraphim Turns One Hunt. I have an item out in my store! It's a little bit different from what I've been offering so I hope you enjoy. You can get more information on their website! -HERE-

Or head over to my store and grab the hunt item itself! It's 10L (valued over 250L) and  is a cupcake with wings and a candle. My store isn't big, you should have NO problem finding it!

And lastly, [Blossom] is participating in The Retreat again! I've got items offered there at only 50L so check it out!


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