Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vinter Vunder Lannnd

Hello my lovelies!

I miss winter .. really badly actually. It's currently raining pretty hard in my neck of the woods. As I sat at my computer nibbling on a mint chocolate chip ice cream sammich I started to crave snow and cold weather. Since my RL wasn't satisfying my needs I decided to create a winter oasis in SL for myself!

I was feeling  a bit inspired so I decided to dig out some old textures and whatnot and build myself a house! Yep.. I built that beauty! Well.. not the door... I borrowed that because marketplace refused to deliver my sculpty door so I ran out of patience and used the one from my old house. Whew.

To complete my wintery look I decided to head on over to {What Next} on Marketplace and grab some of the awesome goodies they had! Currently they are putting out the new winter/Christmas items in world so lucky me a ton of the older stuff was marked down to just 10L. That bit of tree this picture is peering through as well as the awesome snow are just some of the MANY goodies found for amazing deals! <3

The house in comprised of one long room and a smaller room off to the side. I wanted something big enough to put up some fun decor without losing prims. I'm currently in crash mode or else I would be decorating the interior a bit more! Most items shown are from a mix of places. If you want to know where anything if from feel free to comment or IM me inworld :) The wreath over the fire place is another goodie I grabbed from {What Next} for 10L

PS. The interior wall textures were made by me! A little something I came up with a few years ago. Colors include red, blue, teal, yellow and brown. All wall textures are detailed with upper and lower molding and trim as well! The rest of the building textures are from scattered locations.

Until next time! XOXO

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