Friday, November 11, 2011

I will leav e my mark so everyone will know...

Hello my lovelies.

I initially started this post to rant about some of the drama I've read about recently but quite honestly for once I realize it's not my fight. I'm a small blog just starting out. I don't have contacts or designers in my pocket.  But ya know what.. -I was here, I just want them to know- SO here's a little fashion something for you all followed by a little chat session! Enjoy :)


Scarf: Kyoot 50L Friday (Part of a sweater. There are 4 colors to choose from)
Dress: Tres Blah 50L Friday (2 dress color options as well as a necklace to buy)
Boots: [Elikatira]  in Black

* Note: unless otherwise stated I am wearing the same hair/skin/eyes as previous posts.

Okay let's get serious for a moment. Upfront i mean no disrespect or any ill will.

Sometimes I wonder how you become one of the "elite bloggers". I figure I'd be bad at it becasue I've never been really good at meeting people. The one thing that keeps me blogging is the love of clothing and my appreciation towards designers who are putting in the hard work. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I believe an honest blogger is a good blogger. I've spent a lot of money on something I saw in a post only to realize that the item in question had been photo shopped beyond recognition. I'm a huge believe in help cristicism. Helpful being the key word. I also think that sometimes we all inflate our own self worth to the point we forget the "little people" out there. Sometimes it's those "little people" that are keeping your store or blog or whatever afloat and all we want is to be treated as an equal.

I've been seeing a lot of people blogging the Vintage Fair. I missed the deadline to apply as a blogger. I kick myself a little bit that I missed it. At the same time I was a bit afraid to even send in an application. I sent my first blogger request ever a few weeks ago and apparently I didn't even warrant a response. A simple "no thanks" would have been fine. But to be absolutely dismissed without even a comment makes me feel small. Live and learn I suppose.

I guess what I'm trying to get at with my rambling is that we all matter. Even the smallest of us have an impact on someone. That being said I appreciate each and every viewing and comment I receive. I do this for you and I like knowing you enjoy it as much as I do. I probably won't ever be a mega blog like some out there but I will continue with my little circle because it's what I enjoy.

Also if you are someone small or just anyone looking to get noticed I'm always happy to post an ad or do a review for free. I love to help small businesses such as muself even get a sliver of acknowledgement. The same goes for wannabe bloggers. Thus far this journey has been completely my own but I'm always willing to share the spot light for anyone not ready to start their own. You can always contact me and work something out! :) (Ps. Check out the new Join Me/Contact me page for info on contacting me! or post a comment below :D)

Until next time! XOXO


Anonymous said...

Halu there - I wasnt going to comment but as a blogger in general I suppose I should. In defense of designers - do you realize how many blogger request a designer gets in a single day? Do you think they have time to respond to everyone? Sadly its just not the case and I feel for designers who get overwhelmed with request and bloggers always wanting a response? IDK this bothers me, perhaps because I am a blogger and designer and I never respond to someone I feel is not up to par on blogging nor has the acceptable photoskills to blog work, I just dont have the time between RL and SL - so cutting corners by not replyign to someone to save me some time, is just what I will do. Point is we all start somewhere in the blogging world, we work however hard we do to make a "name" for ourselves. In time you'll get yours, patience is virtue - never give up.

Nissa Nightfire said...

you know... I don't think it would have occurred to me to take the collar off that sweater and use it on something else ... thank you for that idea!! And thanks for joining the ranks :) I think there's room for everyone~

I do understand your disappointment at not getting a response to your request -- I know a lot of us have to work up the courage to even ask! I would encourage you not to take it personally. One thing I've learned in RL, and even more so in SL... you just never can know what is/was going on for that person ... and communications do actually go astray more than we'd like.

Really glad you're here :)

Deoridhe said...

Hope this isn't presumptuous, but I found what really worked was blogging people's things, then sending them an in-world NC about it. Granted, I don't get a response for about 50%~ of what I send, but the responses I do get have ranged from sweet giddiness, to long and fun conversations, to surprise gifts from some of my favorite places (the one which blew me out of the water was getting a full shoe set from G Field; OMG, I about DIED!). When i don't get responses, I try to remember that SL is flaky, that I'm flaky, and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. ^.^

If you want a copy of the notecard I send as a template, poke me in world - Deoridhe Quandry - and I'll pass it over. I just CP the new blog entry, open up a pile of profiles, and send! Practically painless!

Monica Querrien said...

I have heard someone say the reason why they do not give decline notices is because they get really nasty comments back, and then it turns into an argument when the person demand why they were not chosen.

Eh...I think they should just get a person who can handle customer service to send everyone who did not get in a decline notice. That way the person knows someone got their was reviewed, and declined. How would you even know they received it otherwise? Either that or make an announcement as to who got in - so if you are not on that list, you know that you were not selected.