Sunday, August 28, 2011

The days begin to mesh together

Hi lovelies! I'm so so sorry I've been gone! The good news is I have a new computer so I can take slightly less glitchy pictures and actually travel around SL without crashing every 2 seconds! This is so exciting!

On that note I did want to share an adorable find! All over the grid the stories of mesh are overflowing. This post will be no exception! I've mentioned Jane's goodies already!

If you are looking to try mesh out for free make sure to grab free gift from SLink! They were kind enough to offer an adorable pair of dark wash jeans to test out!

Also if you are more into the girly fashions Hucci gave out this adorable gift!

Squee!!! Isn't it faboosh!? If you are a member of the subscribo it was only given out a few days ago! Also given over the past few days was a cute golden cut out dress (not mesh) and a 50L gift card! So so generous!

PS. Can we all just take a moment to admire my MUCH less glitch-ed pictures!? Yay video card of awesome <3 My hubby spoils me so

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Jayme Carolina said...

Me Khloe is awesome-sauce!!