Thursday, August 11, 2011

Give it Away

I've been part of the .: Give It Away :. group for a long time now. While many groups come and go on my list I've managed to hold onto this one. I like the idea behind it really. Within reason we as members as well as some designers offer items up for grabs in the group. For the most part it's the whole " one man's trash is another man's treasure" idea. Sometimes there are gifts or lucky chair calls, anything to help each other out. I'm totally digging helping and bartering lately.

Recently in the group one of our faithful members was kind enough to offer not one but TWO gifts to add to our wardrobes. I'll be honest. I'm often leery about clothing given out in groups not owned by a designer.. Sometimes things just don't live up to my expectations. I guess that's why it's okay that it's free though!

Color me surprised when I actually LIKED what was given! Though one outfit was more on the masculine side, I really adored the shorts and tank sets! I just had to show them off!!!

I like to think these are just two looks of a very diverse me!

Worn: Left:

Hair: Shag- Black Jack- Powder -MHOH item
Outfit: !GR!-Stripped jeans and tank- found in GIA group notices- Comes w 3 tanks!

Worn: Right:

Outfit: !GR! Lovely Shirts and shorts- GIA group notices
Hair: Love- Native (banged)- fatpack w/ hair accessory- Please Make This in SL -Group gift

Please Make This in SL is a really fantastic idea! It allows us as customers and or designers to post RL ideas we've seen and would love to have in SL. The idea is that hopefully it will spark the attention of a fab designer or even a new designer out there and encourage them to make the items we post. You can check out the blog and flickr for more info or to submit some things you'd like to see out there! The native hair shown was one of the ideas brought to life! <3

Also, please note: the GIA group is by invite only. If you would like to join the group to try out trading, bartering and gifting I would be oh so happy to invite you! Just shoot me an IM inworld or any of the amazing members!

OR (because I'm awesome and let myself get harassed by land rental ppl just to help you all out!- You can join the group of the clothing creator! She also sent them to her store group as well. whew- deep breaths- If you are interested the owner also has freebies and lucky boards in her store as well! Yayness!

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