Saturday, September 3, 2011

Allow me to fill you in

Hello my lovelies! I have lots to update you on!

First of all: I have goodies to show! folders full infact and I swear I'll get to them ASAP but it may take some time...because...

Secondly: I'm moving in a matter of 2 weeks. I should say we are UNEXPECTEDLY moving in 2 weeks. It's not entirely a 'yay' thing but it's not as bad as it could be i guess. SIGH


I'll be taking a bit of a break because OMG I have to pack up our entire home in 2 weeks. And this is of course RL. *pulls hair*

With that being said- if i start ranting like a crazed person please forgive me in advance I'll get it under control as soon as the chaos sets in.. yeaaah. Whatever

oh, I got an SL job. Irony. I'm writing again and I'll fill you all in soon!

Okay and my absolute rant of the day is this:

If you are a designer/owner/customer service member/WHATEVER... Please include a notecard or at least an IM with the reason you are giving me something and who I should be giving due credit to. I get so many ims and things that sometimes they come in wonky and just sending me something with zero details on what the item costs, who its from or when its released leaves me in a bit of a rut.

Also, If I have not subscribed to your store/event/thingybob please don't just add me. Spamming me with information on your discount store just because I happened to stop in doesn't make me want to talk about you much. I'm sure that sounds bitchy and that a new blogger such as myself shouldn't be so choosy .... BUT, If I've been to your location and chose not to join anything or buy anything that doesn't give you a free for all to just take my information and use it at will. K thanks. All you have to do is ask! Most of the time I'm such a pushover I say yes anyway :P

Otherwise I looooove you all! See you when I see you

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