Thursday, August 11, 2011

Warning: Mood overload

I woke up in a foul mood today. No actually, that is not true. I was pushed into a foul mood. I'm going to rant for a few minutes before I get to the actually pretties to show ya'll, kay?

1. We have new SL neighbors, who put in a giant stone mountain complete with water, tiki huts..oh yeah... and ban lines! SO now every time I sit at my cottage I see yellow flashing lines. PS. I live on a farming sim... I wasn't away stones, or beachy stuff were farmable.. maybe pet rocks but.. come on now. And these ban lines.. honestly do you think you are so all important that you have to ban everyone?! Because aside from eyeing up your ugly build.. no one cares.

2. Said neighbors: wandering all over my property. This I don't get. You ban everyone but think it's perfectly alright to fly up a couple thousand meters to hover ourside my sky boxes. Weirdo.

3. For the first time in a week it isn't raining in RL! This is actually a good thing.. except I'm supposed to be getting our front steps replaced..4 days ago. I was assured they would be done no later than the 12th. Guess what, it's closing in on Noon and not one worker is here. I have company coming next Wednesday,Thursday AND Friday. Oh and I'm supposed to be getting married on the 20th, so I'd like to be able to leave my home to get to said wedding.

Rawwwr! End rant! Now for the goodies! Yay! Thank you all for listening!

The skirt shown was an awesome find from a new store for me! Blanche's Boutique offered up this playful flouncy skirt for the OCIO Xtreme hunt. You are looking for a little surfboard with an OX!

The ripped denim shorts shown and the full outfit are just two of the MANY gifts from the Oh Boi! Event. There are events going on all week long, giveaways, shows, live music and so much more. I've blogged this twice already so I won't go into crazy detail. The items shown above are generously donated by the sponsors! All items are hidden over the sim in little red lips. Incase you don't feel like searching too much the shorts from from Nytro and the full outfit was donated from House of Europe! Happy hunting!!

Now I think I'll go back and shoot laser beams of anger at the new neighbors! Happy weekend!

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