Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh Boi!

Hey guys and gals. I just wanted to share a neat event starting today with ya'll!

Please try to keep an open mind. I enjoy getting the chance to pump up and support all walks of life! I thought I would take a step away from my normal post. Check it out!

From the Press Release:

 Oh Boi! Magazine is pleased to announce its first major advocacy event Oh Boi! The EVENT Aug. 7-14. The EVENT aims to raise awareness of the lesbian, gay, and transgender (LGBT) community, specifically to raise awareness surrounding the discrimination against the bois of Second Life --- real life females living their Second Life as masculine/male avatars –- who face discrimination not only in the LGBT community, but the larger Second Life community as a whole.

    “Though openly hostile comments are uncommon, we still come across attitudes that hint at a subtler form of bigotry,” Oh Boi Editor-in-Chief Adrianne Sautereau said. “Sadly, this passive discrimination is also present in the LGBT community. Before the rest of the world can accept us for who we are, we need to learn how to be more accepting. It has to start with us.”

....   Oh Boi! The EVENT is a week long event including multiple promotions: three fashion shows, all of which are either communities bois or fashion models in support of the cause and a femme show; multiple live performances; poetry night; a sponsor hunt; Broadway nights and a Mad Pea Productions , which will be up and running throughout the event.

....  For more information on Oh Boi! The EVENT, please contact Oh Boi! Event Coordinator Jillian Brunswick or Nox Deigan. For more information on Oh Boi! The Magazine or kiosk information, contact Oh Boi! Editor-in-Chief Adrianne Sautereau.

To stay up to date with the events happenings over the week you can join the Oh Boi! Fans Group in-world. As this is also the magazine group, you can take a few minutes to get to known the magazine itself as well!

"Oh Boi Magazine :
    Founded in late 2009 by Dalia Ahn, its primary target audience was the lesbian community in the virtual world of Second Life, but has since expanded to include the entire Second Life LGBT community. We spotlight controversial issues, fun stories, great sims, new clubs, and talented people. Oh Boi aims to encourage acceptance by raising awareness through education and community building and is currently working on a project that will bridge the gap between our virtual and real lives."

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