Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Times are changing, Stores are closing

I don't do well with change. I dislike change in SL even more because when it's something is gone... well unless the designer sticks to the Marketplace then it's gone for good.

Two of my favorite stores will be closing their doors over the next few weeks.

Grixdale will be closing it's doors after August 31st. The store is currently selling all items for 100L and under so be sure to get in the goodies before they are gone!

Also sadly closing it's doors is Berries Inc.. You have until Sept 12th to grab all goodies prices at 50L before tier payments run out.


On a different note, if you haven't been to Jane then you need to scoot on over asap. I love the styles of clothing at Jane. Girly, classy and oh so cute. If you happen to use a viewer that supports mesh then you will be pleasantly surprised! Newly released are a few dresses and separates in her store for the mesh frenzy out there! Owner Janie Marlowe is also super interested in the way the new mesh is fitting those of us out there. If you aren't familiar with mesh, its a bit like system clothing in a way that it moves with us but looks like the primed clothes we are so familiar with. If you feel like skipping the glitch layers on a dress and jumping around, never fear mesh moves with you! The down side is that it does not make allowances for saddle bags, body fat , breasts and some other vital parts of us all. Thus why Janie is asking for feed back from us all! Go ahead and give it a go!

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