Monday, August 15, 2011

Whiskey for my men, beer... er.. food for my horses

I know that some of you lovelies as still holding fast to the Amaretto Horse craze out there. I still am! Barely..

So..I wanted to share with you a super new feeding system out there other than the 212 products.

Emmy of EOGen has made a new amazing product that IMHO works better than the other feeders out there. I won't say there is anything wrong with the other products, this just has so many added features for a super reasonable price!

As told by Emmy herself:

" The EOgen Breedable Feeder system is an automatic food dispensing system designed with the needs of Amaretto brand breedable horses in mind. It couples a sophisticated food and salt monitoring system with a sim-wide bundle-drop detection - and anticipation - system to help make sure your Amaretto horses are happy, healthy, and productive at a price everyone can afford. "

It's pretty awesome and super easy to use. I'm pretty spazzy when it comes to anything I need to set up so I was pretty pleased at how hands free and simple this was!!

You can grab yours -HERE- or -HERE- for only 400L! + free updates as amaretto releases new items! For more information on all this baby can do, head on down to the slurls provided!

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