Sunday, August 7, 2011

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

I'm on a roll with the random things today! First of all, I earlier mentioned the week long event being held by Oh Boi! Magazine. I stopped in for a little while and it was pretty fab. Great music, cash prizes and so much more! It's definitely something worth checking out.

While I was wandering the sim I had the pleasure of meeting a new dancer from a SL dance troupe named "The Dramatiques". The 2 videos: Alice in Wonderland and Narnia were pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing them perform live this Wednesday @ 2pm SLT! You can check out their wesite for more tours and dates!

Secondly, taking a slight step away from SL. My new friend also informed me of an awesome opportunity!

From the information recieved:

Stanford University is offering a free online course in Artificial Intelligence (AI) taught by Peter Norvig (Google's Director of Research and author of the classic AI textbook) and Sebastian Thrun (Stanford professor and winner of the DARPA Grand Challenge).  The course is an experiment in an idea called "massive open online courses" where anyone with an Internet connection can take classes without paying tuition.  The online course will run in tandem with the physical class from October to December with online students watching the same lectures, completing the same assignments, and taking the same exams as their Stanford counterparts.  Online students will not receive credit or formal recognition from the university—but they will receive grades for their assignments and exams, and those who complete the course online will get certificates created by the professors.  More than 8,000 people have already signed up for registration notification.  The professors are recommending students buy the class textbook, which is co-written by Mr. Norvig, and dedicate at least 10 hours a week to the course, which Stanford considers an intermediate-level class that requires some mathematical and programming knowledge.  Online enrollment ends Sept 20th and a certificate is being provided upon successful completion of the course.

You can visit the website -HERE- to get more information. The class itself is 10 weeks longs including 8 homework assignments and 2 exams. It sounds like a very interesting experience for anyone who likes to explore new learning experiences. Best of all it's free! While there is no college credit received for those not enrolled at Stanford, it still seems really interesting!

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