Monday, August 8, 2011

LOTD- August 8th

Hi guys and gals! I've recently mentioned tons of sales and discounts going on! I thought I'd show you a bit of a mash up of some of the goodies I got over the weekend!

The skirt and white top worn are from the Ricielli Summer Hunt going on right now! There are a total of 20 items in the hunt ranging from jewelry to jackets to dresses. You can really get a great head start on your wardrobe with this set. Each hunt item costs 15L. While not free it is certainly a steep discount off the normal pricing!

Also if you haven't heard yet, Collabor88 just started today! Essentially it's another designer discount store! Who can ever have too many discounts?! Each month a special group of designers will come together in one location to  give away items. All items are priced at or under 88L! You can visit their website for more information. Be sure to join the group and grab the awesome fatpack of donated dresses in the notice history! I'm wearing the Collabor88 item from Truth! This awesome girly pony tail reminded me of something Taylor Swift would be rocking on the red carpet. For only 88L you get the fatpack of all Truth colors! There is a dainty ribbon holding it all back that is color change as well!

The list of designers include:
Barnesworth Anubis
Fashionably Dead
Lisp Bazaar
Nylon Outfitters
R2 Fashion
The Sea Hole
Truth Hair
Whippet & Buck

Finally is you haven't heard of Mary Jane Shoes you probably live under a rock.  few months ago I had the pleasure of helping creator and owner Infiniti Mirihi with her very first fashion show! I adore her shoes and was so pleased to get to be a part of a very special event! You should also know Infiniti is SO so generous to her customers! She always has group gifts, hunts and deals going on  in her store. The shoes worn in the picture above are one of her most recent gifts. She graciously gave away the adorable Euphoric Leopard stilettos as a thank you for her group reaching over 3000 members! One thing that sets Infiniti apart from so many other designers is her original sculpts and textures. Quite often she will add hidden touches to her work to set them apart from the rest! Her attention to detail is amazing! Be sure to stop in as well and wear your new group tag as there are another pair of amazing shoes for you to grab as well!

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