Thursday, December 1, 2011

Everything is Golden

Hello my lovelies.

Today ends one my experiments. After doing the Newbie Style Challenge a few weeks ago I began to start thinking about how people in SL make money. My main focus was on someone new who may not have developed the skills to work or just plain don't know where to look for a job in SL.

Admittedly a lot has changed since I was a newbie. When I first started camping was still in full swing, and jobs in clubs were actually worth something. With new clubs popping up daily it's not often easy to pull in large crowds or get big tippers anymore. Sometimes the thought of a club is SO overwhelming to someone who is new and more often treatment can be poor if you show signs of being new. Not always but enough..Events themselves used to be another way to make cash while having a good time. Now there are so many rules and cheaters it's almost scary. Of course there are a TON of other types of jobs to be had as well. Goodness knows we've all held enough of them. But what happens when you can't supply yourself with Lindens from a RL account and you just can't find a suitable job?

For the past few weeks I've been dabbling in some of the lesser shown ways to find some money. One of the first questions I get asked when encountering someone new is "how do i get money?". Often that answer leaves people more confused. I wanted to show a few things I found! Previously I did a stint with Earn2Life. Personally it wasn't for me. I found the hud you use was often unreliable and didn't handle lag all that well. I also felt that the process of earning the money often had little to do with things I wanted to learn or do. It might be up your alley but I don't choose to endorse it myself.

I did however also take a chance with Gold Hunt. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.  Pretty much the idea is simple. You tp to one of the locations (you can find a huge list on the website!) locate different coins and click them. Depending on the worth you have to wait a certain amount of time before you answer a simple mathematical question. (ex. 3+4.. pretty simple) Once you correctly answer the question to are given the value of the coin you clicked. Not all coins equal a full Linden so you have to visit different locations and often multiple times. You should take note that you will not receive the money immediately. Often the coins you are finding range from 0.05L- 1L, gems equal more. The coins and points you earn are put into an account. When you have earned at least 1 full Linden you can TP to the Headquaters or anyplace with a gold ATM and cash out. You may only cash out 100L a day.

I was actually pretty surprised at how addicted I became. If you are competitive like me it becomes more than a game. For instance, if you are not within 3 meters of your coin when the waiting period if up someone can swoop in and steal it from you. I'll be honest, it DOES happen. There are people who will jump all over a high paying coin or gem if you aren't watching. On the other hand there are many many more players who will gladly clear the sim if they see you've already laid claim to most of coins.

Some more interesting things I liked were the people and the sense of community. Admittedly I was skeptical. People can be mean. But after a while you begin to recognize faces and locations. I've met some pretty neat people as well as having found some pretty neat locations. I've visited haunted mansions, swam through underwater caves and have even found long forgotten hot spots.

I also have to say the service I received from the staff was actually pretty decent. You can join the group in-world and watch for postings or issues. It's also a great way to meet the players around the grid. I did have one run in with a chat Moderator. However I am pleased to say I brought up the issue to the CEO Wili Clip and unlike some companies I actually received a reply and carried out a pretty intelligent conversation. The end result left me feeling good that someone was out there  was listening to me!

All in all out of 2 weeks I only spent about 10 actually hunting. My end cash out was  just over 500L. To many this isn't a ton but to someone who may not have any other means it can be a huge deal. If you happen to be new or know someone who could use some extra cash for the holiday's pass it along! Happy hunting :)

Until Next time! XOXO

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