Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let me Clear My Throat..

I was surprised to see a comment about a recent post on bad neighbors. I always love to get feedback and I wanted to be sure I gave her what she wanted!

I previously blogged about bad neighbors and I have to admit for once I was wrong. Shortly after I made my bans in anger I received an IM from one of their friends. I'll admit I was actually annoyed at this. I purposely  did not answer but my roomie is ever the good gal and quickly fixed things. I still wasn't pleased but I decided to just let it go.

ow comes the foot in mouth part. I got an IM from one of them asking to give us a Christmas gift. :O

Look at my sweet kitties!!!!
Ok this is by far the worst blog posting I've done and probably the worst picture I've taken but hey... When I'm wrong I admit it. So if you were wondering what happened with the great neighbor debacle... They turned out pretty awesome and they even removed the yucky decor. The moral of this story is.. Don't be so quick to judge..

Btw.. this adorable kitty bed was on of the Advent Calender gifts at the KittyCat's mainstore!

Also in case you missed my last post. If you are interested in winning up to 15K click here!

OMG.. They're cuddling!
okay I'm done now!

Until Next time... when I have a "real" post..XOXO

Oh.. Anyone who knows anything about KittyCats.. feedback is WELCOME as I have NO clue whats good, bad or whatever.. Let me know what you think of the kittehs!

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Reema's 2nd Life said...

LOL! thanks for the update on this! :p and what a relief they turned out to be awesome in the end! :)
p.s. those kittens are too cute!