Monday, December 5, 2011

The fantastic Winter Overload!

Hello my lovelies!

It's been a while. Especially for fashion. I'm sorry for that. I'm back now though and I'm overflowing with awesome goodies!

First off I hit the Winter Fair yesterday. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised!! after my lag fest-y attempts to hit locations with people recently I'd about given up leaving my house. Can you believe I hit the Winter Fair and with over 47 people there at the time I was walking as if I was the only person on the sim?! I give props where they are due. This was EXCELLENT execution! Plus beyond all of the exclusive winter items this fair was jam packed with goodies for visitors! Most stores had some sort of offering to the masses, Here are a few I loved!

Hat: .ID.- New gatcha item! (comes in a few different colors and each set has 3 versions! (Hair not included))(5L each try!)
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*- Winter Fair gift (Free)
Sweater: [Y]- Winter Fair gift (Free)
Boots: Tentacio- Winter Fair gift (Free)

You can head to the winter fair -here-

I've also switched over to the official first release of Firestorm! I'm really hoping this works out better for me. In previous week I began to have a ton of issues with the beta client. It eventually escalated to the point that I couldn't even take a picture for myself. I've you've been avoiding the mesh viewing goodness of Firestorm because of that reason... I can attest to it being fixed.!!

Fear not, I promised goodies and I shall deliver! Ricielli recent put a full holiday avatar on Marketplace! This set is jam packed with holiday goodness.

The set named 'Meggie' includes:

1 Shape, 1 skin (2 tones), tattoo layer red lips (which IMO look awesome with any skin!), eyebrows,  2 different jackets, sparkly red dress, red and green versions of the Christmas dress outfit, black boots, full perm santa hat and a style card for everything not made by R.icielli.

I thought this package was an extreme deal. Currently priced at 199L it's the perfect pack to complete you holiday look! I was also impressed with the package set up. Each outfit was packed as a "look" so you don't have to worry about mixing anything up! Grab it quick, I believe the price is only set as mentioned for 24hrs!!

Hope you all have a great week! I'll be sure to be dropping in with more goodies to suit your holiday needs soon!I've recently started working for a new shopping plaza called Axis Group Plaza. The company itself owns everything from stores to clubs and everything in between. If you are looking to rent a store or just looking to check out a new place stop in or feel free to contact me. We're also hiring everything from sales, customer serivce to club hosts and DJ's. If you happen to be looking for a job contact me in-world and I'll set you up with an application!

Until Next time! XOXO

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