Wednesday, December 14, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

Evening my lovelies!

I wanted to take a minute to talk a little bit about one of my favorite shoe designers in SL. Cerberus Noel of *G Field*. I have been a longtime lover of this store's shoes and verious other items. It's been a really long time since I have last willingly bought shoes in SL other than hunts or discounted items. With my new SL work I've been able to save a bit to treat myself and I knew right away where I was headed.

One of the things I love so much about *G Field* is the quality versus pricing. I feel it's one of the few shoe locations I can grab a pair of heels that I actually like and plan to wear again without weeping over my Linden accounts. Add to this the enormous amount of color options and this girl is hooked for life!

Check out some of my awesome goodies!
I absolutely HAD to have these shoes. For some unknown reason I love love love T strap sexy heels. This always amazes me because in RL I don't even own heels anymore. I guess this is my way of getting to live a little and these shoes are the perfect addition to my collection. This is saying something because I tend to be horribly picky. I have a "Wear it!" folder and then a shoe folder I shove things I don't love so much. These are absolutely in my "Wear It!" folder. The options on these shoes blows my mind. There are 4 different strap options (criss cross, single strap etc.) As well as options to change the sole and buckle colors! For only 200L, yes your read that right. I didn't miss a 0... OMMMG..But I didn't stop at just shoes... Oh no no.

Before I knew what hit me I was buying socks too! I secretly love thigh highs and knee highs with heels. I hadn't planned on grabbing socks but I'll admit I saw this adorably dressed gal standing near the landing and she had the socks. How could I say no?! These come in the tall and short packs. The cuffs are scripted and customizable as well! Each pack of socks comes in 7 color combos for 200L or you can grab the fatpack and just run with it! Just as I was about to leave.. I saw..

Leg warmers! Be still my heart. I've been seeing these around now for a while SO I finally gave in and snagged a pair just for me! They comes in multiple sizes and fit quite a few different pairs of shoes around the store as well! Each pair costs only 120L. For real. I swear. <3

All in all I'd say all my new goodies were the perfect accents for my new dresses! Only 12L@ Paper.Doll on the Jersey Shore Sim. There is currently a "12 Days of Christmas" Hunt going on on the sim until Dec. 25th! All hunt items are only 12L. You get both colors for the single price! Yayy!

I thought I deserved a little pre-christmas treat.. don't you?!

Until next time! XOXO

Ps: Be sure to check out the *G Field* blog for updates on all the releases!

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