Friday, December 16, 2011

I've got $15,000L in my pocket and I want to give them to you..

Good morning my lovelies!

I have some super exciting new for all of you! I received this notecard today and I wanted to share the details with you all. There is a super fantastic monthly drawing going on in the amounts of 10k and 5k. If you or someone you know could use a little extra cash read below!

Straight from Axis's CEO himself:
"Starting Saturday December 17th we are holding a competition where we will be giving away $10000L every month.  One lucky shopper at ANY of our stores including Axis Property, Axis Photography and our smaller specialty shops will be $10000L richer.

We will be drawing the lucky winner monthly on the 17th of each month(Ie: Dec 17- Jan 16 with a drawing on Jan 17th ) up until May 2012. You will need to send proof of purchase by coping the purchase text into a note card and sending it to Skimore Hammerer.

All you need to do to qualify is to be a group member and spend $500L to earn each entry, you need to copy your purchase text proof into a notecard and send it thru within 24hrs to Skimore Hammerer. Purchases MUST be made during the monthly periods.

 There is NO LIMIT to the number of entries you can accumulate, the more you spend the more chance you have to win, its that simple.

Tell all your friends and get them to drop me a notecard mentioning who referred them. The person who refers the most people to join our group and shop and entry the competition will receive $5000L each month they have the most referrals.

Its holiday season so lets start spending ☺


This is a great opportunity to help out a new business as well as maybe earn a little extra spending money for yourself! Good luck shoppers! Hope to see you all there tomorrow and over the next 6 months!

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Happy shopping darling. Tis the season to be spendy :P

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