Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Miasnow-ing in my Backyard

Hello my lovelies!

Okay, sorry for the corny title.. I was just excited! I tend to be pretty sentimental about stores I've been following for a while. Miasnow is one store I've had a girl crush on for about as long as I can remember! Her goodies have gotten me through so many crazy skin and hair events it's almost a little embarrassing. But not really, because I love her goodies.So when my good friend Lilly gave me the heads up on a recent blog post Mia wrote I knew I had to give it a go...

As I'm sure you've seen my life has been one big winter wonderland. My neighbors probably think I'm insane. Or if they didn't they sure do now!
When Mia passed me these adorable polar bears I knew they were the perfect completion to my little slice of SL winter heaven! Better yet, you can snag the lone polar bear with his color changing light with a simple click of the MM in store. I personally know quite a few of my friends have already made the mad dash down to grab theirs!

I'm showing you this adorable beast in it's 13 prim normal form. He's sitting on top of his own icy patch complete with soft glowing grass and delicate particles rising all around him. One of the best features is that you have the option to click on just about anything on him! This means you can pretty much turn off, modify and copy most anything about him. I love anything that let's you play around to get exactly what suits your mood!

The target for the MM board is currently 55 clicks so grabs your friends, your neighbors, heck drag grandma down if you have to! But don't worry if you don't quite make that target... she's been known to force it a time or two.. Still it's be pretty great to show how much we love her but giving it a full go :D

You probably also noticed that sweet family of bears playing around in the background! Mama, Papa and Baby bear just love to fool around. You can grab these little guys in store to keep your new MM friend company! Grab then -inworld- for just 199L or on Marketplace for just a tiny bit more! These items come Copy/Mod so you can play around with the position they also come each beach separated so you can choose to have to use one, or 20!

 I have so many more things to show you when I get the chance! Including some adorable tops Mia passed over as well! Khloe has been a busy busy girl! Thanks so much Mia for all the amazing goodies<3

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