Wednesday, April 10, 2013

S.O.S: Accidentally Naked

For real. Just an FYI this isn't a NSFW post and it's not even much of a fashion post.

It's an SL HATES ME post.

Are we expecting an update or something? Seriously, It seems like just before any updates SL tends to go tits up for me. I've been having a lot of random little issues, but today takes the friggin cake. Over the past few weeks I've had to reset ALL my settings back to default after things stopped rezzing and my awesome computer had SL running SO slow I knew something wasn't right. After my reset things seemed better. I was super excited because I could actually see my entire house. I still have no idea what caused all the crazy that I was seeing. One day I walked around looking like a pixelated rainbow. Everyone else saw me as normal but I saw myself all sorts of wacky. Another day I walked around with my Avi bent in half with my head up my bum (maybe the Lindens were trying to give me a sign?!). I don't actually know why stuff like that happens. Before you ask, my PC is pretty kick as$, it by far exceeds any of the requirements to run SL. It was updated less than a year ago- everything got upgraded.

Anyhow, today things are just all sorts of insane.Early this morning I logged on to a super slow world. As most of our sim is currently empty I usually NEVER have lag issues. This morning was so laggy upon log in that I just gave up. Coming back later, I decided to do some window (demo) shopping. My demos and clothing were having NONE of that. No alpha layers would show up and I got a ton of error messages that were pretty much useless. My favorite one was "Unable to rez object (object key) for the reason below" . Do you want to know what it said below? "Try back later". Sure, uhm... good reason? Every time I re-log I come back as a puff ball and have to remove everything- including changing my shape and skin. I cleared my cache a few times. *throws her hands up in their air*

So right now I'm naked except for a random hair base, and pasties. I even tried system clothing. The only part of my shirt that showed up was the lower jacket portion. Nothing shows up from my neck to hips. My skin looks like a smear.  Aside from the pasties and hair base all tattoo layers show up grey.

 (I took this picture in 2011 for my first ever article in Pure Magazine! I think it pretty much captures how I feel about SL right now.)

Do ya'll have these issues? Are you having anything even more bazaar happen to you? Feel free to sound off in the comments! I like to know I'm not the only cast away on this sinking ship!

Update: After another hour of relogs and switching things up I was at least able to finally put some sort of clothing on. I'm still glitchy and smeared but at least I'm not naked anymore!

Ignore the fact that I look like what I would see if I were say..wearing beer goggles...Oye. I look like something from a horror movie. This is my face. It hasn't changed despite forcing rebake, clearing cache, re-logging and well.. yelling at my PC. (That really does help... yeahhh..)

I threw on the Truth hair from the last round of The Arcade- In darkbrownfade with the flower accessory from the purple hair in butter. I really need some sunshine so I paired it with the Jessy studded shorts from erratic in dip-bleached yellow. The shirt is an old long sleeved scoops neck tee but you can't even see it.. sigh. Did I mention we are expecting up to 10 inches of snow? In APRIL.

Shakin' off my blue mood! Hugs!


colleen said...

It's not your pc.

Khloe Nitely said...

Whew! THanks Colleen! At least it's not totally just me! I am usually a complete fail when it comes to anything computer so thanks so much for the share!

Sakkidra Bonesteel said...

I have not logged on yet today, but that is pretty much what I looked like all yesterday. I don't know what they did, but it sucks.