Saturday, April 13, 2013

Excuse me... Your Ego is SHowing.

I'm sorry. I need to vent this. If you aren't interested then move on. Fashion-y posts to come tonight or tomorrow :)

I had an incident  in SL today. In many ways it was pretty minor, but in a lot of ways it spoke directly to one of my biggest pet peeves- Overinflated Egos! I'm not going to go ranting names and events and groups. It was just one of those things that made me first feel annoyed and then I just felt...small.

I belong to a "group" you could say that works in events and promotion. The recently changed their HQ and were asking designers to come in and set up their items. When I first joined they were out of room so I was unable to participate. I saw this change as my chance to get in. I'll admit I was excited and anxious not to miss out again. I don't really get out there with promotion for my store so something like this is a big deal. I gathered everything they asked for and teleported to the location. I was getting ready to contact someone like it said when I noticed one of the main folks, one of the contacts, was there. She was finishing with someone up so I stood there and waited for an opening. I saw exactly how she did the set up with this girl. She even sent the transaction to let her know her item was correct and she was done. The chatted a moment so, still, I waited. I noticed that many of the vendors were already set to be sold so I piped up to ask if it mattered where I chose to put my item. I was told a specific location, but I already began to feel like I was intruding. I chose my spot and attempted to "buy"the vendor. After a few attempts I realized the vendor bad been set wrong. I attempted to point this out and that's pretty much hwere things went south. By the short clipped response I received it seemed like she was daring me to correct her. I really wanted to get my item set up so I attempted to point out the reason WHY I couldn't set up. When someone speaks down to me it's not only rude but it drops my overall opinion of them. This person types to me.. as if perhaps I'm stupid or slow, "You have to BUY the vendor". I knew this. I'd DONE this but again I had to point out that if it was set to sell contents I couldn't possibly by it. This type of conversation went on for a few more minutes with her either not understanding me or not paying attention. I don't know. Perhaps she wasn't interested in being the one at fault here. During this time I tried to point out my issue 3 more times. I guess by now I was butting into the conversation she was having with the other girl. Finally the other person there piped up and attempted to point out that I was indeed correct. I kid you not, she typed the EXACT same response I had been saying the whole time. Suddenly Event runner was all "Oh. DUH! Why didn't I see that". I had to facepalm in RL. Had we not just wasted a good 10 minutes on this and she had basically ignored me and talked down to me?

I was shaking my head in RL and pointing this whole thing out to my husband in disgust. He got me pretty riled. Why was a standing for being treated like crap. I really was disappointed that she so clearly didn't give a rat's behind about what I had been saying. If she had bothered to drop the superior attitude for a second it would have been a stupidly easy fix. Was it really worth standing there wasting my time and being treated like my items weren't as important as another designer? I'm ashamed to say I still set up. I did. I need exposure and I really wanted to be a part of something. I quickly set up- I didn't want to ruffle any more feathers. Then I announced I was set up and waited. I was supposed to have my vendor checked and be given the Okay. I saw the other girl was told this and even got a copy of the transaction in general chat. I stood there like an idiot waiting. I even reread the notecard to make sure I was good- I was. Meanwhile event runner and other designer were chatting about something else. I asked a question on the status of my store and other designer piped in to question hers as well. I was completely ignored by event runner. She responded to the other avatars questions and never did tell me what I was supposed to do. Shortly after this while in mid question to her she left. I stood there a little dumbfounded. Had I really been so easily and readily dismissed?

Maybe it's an over reaction but this whole event.. or non-event really rubbed me the wrong way. This is a group I've been involved with nearly as long as I have had my store. On more than one occasion in the past I had felt brushed off in lieu of something bigger and better known than me. Why do some folks in the fashion or event planning of SL get so big headed. Why are we constantly putting up with bad attitudes and rudeness? I really am guilty of this. Sometimes I stand for people giving me hell just to.. belong?

As bloggers and designers have you dealt with this a lot in the past? It seems as though it's only getting worse as time goes on.

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Chic Aeon said...

Only once from a hunt organizer who basically couldn't figure out why her script wasn't working and wanted me to stick around for-e-ver with no real feeling (from me) that she could figure it out. She went through all the questions that I had ALREADY TOLD HER I had tried *wink*.

In the end she kicked me out of her hunt group like I was actually going to care. Sad really as I had made a stellar prize, one of the nicest in the hunt. Oh well.

I was happy to move on. You might want to try that - LOL.

Really I'm with your husband. Do we NEED this?