Monday, April 1, 2013

Rain on my Parade: My SL Pet Peeves

Oh lordy. Miss Berry has graced us with another awesome meme! I actually skipped last weeks "Social Media" meme because I was embarrassed to admit social media things tend to confuse the heck out of me. I had a plurk once and the only thing I ever said was "I suck at this"- so yeah I didn't have much to add. However... this week's.. hold on to your pixel panties ladies because unlike Miss berry who "poops rainbows" I tend to be full of piss and vinegar. I ALWAYS want to vent my grievances with SL so this is probably going to be my favorite post yet. Let's get to it then shall we?!

(In advance I'm probably going to ruffle some feathers. Sorries in advance.. or some such thing)

1. Tacky Decor

If you have ever read any of my back posts I have the WORST luck with neighbors. I always have that one person who insists on having blinging Christmas lights or sex pose balls right out in the open! I'm actually really harsh and judgemental about the way people handle their land. This is compounded by the fact that we recently went mainland after going premium. Right now my plot is located along the edge of the sim just north of my original home in SL. This person bought up most of our old sim and still has the SAME castle up that she placed about 5 years ago. After a lot of ugly views I've finally given into the whole sky box ordeal. But honestly.. even if you have like.. 0L there is NO excuse, in my opinion, to have cruddy homes or decor. You can find some great things for free or nearly that. There is always an event or hunt going on. If you insist on leaving you circa 2008 bed in my view, I insist on being witchy and mocking it. Sorry.

2. Voice Addicts

Voice can be fun.. occasionally. I have to be honest in saying I am not a huge fan of voice. You see, my Linux does not like SL sounds. So most of the time I can't even go to an event and hear your music , let alone carry on a voice conversation. I get super annoyed when I get invited somewhere and everyone else insists on using voice. I'm that cranky person trying to type at warp speed just to keep up with the conversation. For a while I didn't have a mic so i sucked it up. Eventually my husband bought me a new one- it was new and amazing and expensive. It worked for about 5 seconds.  Now I have to yell to have a conversation which is annoying to my throat and the people who happen to be around me in RL. I also hate people who get mean about me not using voice. Just because I don't want to hunt up my headset and get it all set up again doesn't mean you get to make me feel like crap. When you start to question if I'm a "real" female or act skeptical about my explanation as to why I don't use voice- it pisses me off! rawwwr!!! Equally annoying is when you insist that I go through the hassle and then you spend the entire time talking to someone in RL or reading other conversations out loud.

3. Lolas

I'm going to start with a big I'M SORRY. But OMG I hate the mesh boobs. They make me want to poke my eyes out. One- unless I'm mistaken I can not demo them. I'm not spending over 1k on something I don't know will even work on my shape. Two- they look so damn fake. I hate when I TP into a store and I see a bunch of Lola wearing ladies that all appear bare/grey/smeary chested to me. three- I hate that there are a million events for these things. What about us flat chested ladies?! and finally- Four- I thought I would check some stores to see what they were offering for them.. when i saw jizz, poop and blood I turned tail with a big "hells no". I know they are this big amazing phenomenon, but I abhor them.

4. Stores that fail to update Landmarks

I am totally one of these people. I forget to update but it always drives me insane. I can't count the number of times I've pulled up an old LM for a store or even tp'd directly from a designers profile and was : dropped from the sky, ejected from someone’s private parcel or trapped in between the walls of a new build. Thank god for  my Places tab or I would lose my darn mind.

5. Inflated Egos / Know-it-alls

In my time in SL I have met a lot of people. Between blogging, designing and previously working for a few fashions mags I've had the honor to meet some amazing designers and fellow bloggers. I love them all for their creativity and hard work. I dislike the ones however that have bad attitudes or overly inflated egos. Yes you made a truly amazing product, yes you can write a witty article or post. It doesn't make you a better person than me. Just because My photoshop skills are not as great as yours or in your opinion not how you like things to look doesn't make me any less awesome. I've battled divas who won a pixelated medal and think that means their poops smells like roses. Sorry I don't have to bow down to you. I always show respect where it's due but don't demand it. On the same note I have a hard time handling someone who thinks they know everything. If your sole purpose in iming me is to try to make me feel inferior, keep on walkin' honey.

End rant. I actually have a few more but those are my main bugs.

This picture has nothing to do with my post! Butttt... I went to FaMeshed and I liked it..
My hair and maxi dress are both new releases at the new FaMeshed. Yay I should be awesome and provide details but I am dead on my feet. The adorable pony is from Truth and the Maxi is Rebel Hope. I want all of these dresses the colors and details are fabulous.


Peep Sideshow said...

I actually debated between griefers and Lolas. Maybe I'll edit my post and include Lolas in that category ;)

Tashi Core said...

I am voiceless in SL because I have no mic. There was once a guy who tried to hit me up and concluded that I must be a man, or a woman with a bad voice in RL because I told him I don't use voice. He never even asked me why. I ended up in stitches because I connected the following logic:
no mic = man in RL, or
no mic = woman with bad voice in RL.
therefore, mic = woman with ok voice in RL?
He must be a woman. Not that he sounds ok.

Strawberry Singh said...

That's it! I'm busting out my Lolas and wearing them around both of you ALL THE TIME NOW! :P muahahahaha I knew the lolas would be on a few lists! LOL I'm not a big fan of voice either, it never works properly for me inworld. I tell people if they want to voice, they need to get on skype! Thanks for participating. <3

Khloe Nitely said...

Yay! Thank you all for commenting! I swear when I first saw I had 3 comments I was like - "Oh lawd someone bitched me out!"..Glad to see we share some of the same views!

ps. I really need to go back and edit this. I was too tired last night and now realize I called me home my HOE. *facepalm*

Kyng Johin said...

I totally agree on all points -- I don't do voice, run screaming from Lolas, and must pump up my ego daily with a bicycle tire just to keep its butt from dragging on the ground.

Skye said...

I'm so with you on the voice thing. I've never been able to get my headset to work inworld, so I just don't do it. I have no hidden agenda, just a crappy laptop. :o)

Fledge said...

LOL I don't think this post is full of piss and vinegar, those are very reasonable peeves! The voice one is especially awful, I don't really socialise in a way that it has ever come up but how rude of people to make assumptions based on how you like to/are forced to communicate! Especially rude since you aren't offering to have sex with anyone so why on earth should it even matter whether you're a guy or a girl IRL?

I have seen stuff about the Lolas all over the place but not sure I've ever seen the actual boobs. They make me laugh because of my friend Lola who makes shapes - very natural, sexy shapes - but some guys just aren't interested in a girl unless her chest is inflated to giga proportions.