Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Three Wishes

I've been on a bit of a break from SL recently. I still logged in a bit but not nearly the amount I normally would. I've been focusing on RL a lot. This is the first day I've had the time and need to sit down for a while. You know I can't miss Monday Meme even if I am a day late!

No pictures today sorry!

Topic of the day: My 3 Second Life Wishes!

1. I wish tier was more affordable.

I really want a sim. Pretty bad actually. I know this is a big one for a lot of people. Hubster and I have talked about owning our own sim for a long time. We just have never been able to do it! One, we don’t want to spend that type of money. Two, is we did we would probably have to invite other people just to afford it. I think this is really hub's dream projected onto me. He went in the open source grid and set up a HUGE spread. I think it was like 8x8 sims or something. It sucked not having all of our awesome stuff though! I made myself a blue skin to import and ran around naked. Fail!!!

2. I wish servers allowed an infinite amount of people.

This is a sore topic for me. Let me tell you a story: There once was a budding princess who dreamed of beautiful hair. Her favorite wig shop was having an amazing sale! All the other princesses in the land were invited except for her... Oh wait. My bad. This is a true story. Seriously I have NOT been able to get to the Truth Hair Sale. AT ALL. I am so annoyed by this. It's been over a week. I've tried going to Truth District and all different times of day. Nada. I hate when this happens and we all end up ramming sim walls to get in. I'm always that loser who misses out and never gets in.

3. I wish I could take a decent photograph.

My photography seriously sucks. Probably about as much as my editing. I always look at tutorials and try to execute what I've been shown. It never works. I actually have a really good computer do. It was specifically built for me to play in SL. I just don't have the eye. That and most tutorials are for photoshop. I don't afford that so I use GIMP. HELLLLPPPP

Oh.. Bonusssss *DING DING DING* You've won another wish!

4. I really wish I had some friends. Real ones.

I miss having a group of people I talk to on a regular basis. I have exactly one person who IMs me at least 3 times a week. Good person with one minor set back. It's a dude in a female av. That's cool I don't care. But sometimes I wish I had a female friend I could share things with. Sometimes I just need to talk and I dont have anyone. To continue sounding emo.. I am sooo alone. Sometime I feel like if I just closed my store, shut down this blog and left SL no one would even notice or care.

Boo hoo. 

On the flip side of things the recent meme on why we blog inspired me to finally start my RL blog. I've been documenting the progress of my journey to a healthier me for the past week. It's something I always wanted to do but felt was pointless. I started her up after I passed my 40 lb loss so far. I have a waaaaay long way to go, but I'm doing it- and I'm, doing it RIGHT. Not that any of you care about my RL haha. Amazingly though? I already have a stream of readers and commenters. I have about 3/4 the amount of followers I have here and I've had this blog for almost 2 years. I also have a handful of non- following readers, comments and "likes". I was absolutely shocked by the outpouring of support. So that's where I've been :)

Until sometime laters! Hugs!


Peep Sideshow said...

I ended up cam shopping from Truth District *grins* I couldn't get all the way into the store, but I still managed to drop some serious Lindens!

Wild Bedrosian said...

Hi, i couldn't afford Photoshop either, so I bought Corel Paintshop ProX5 ad it works almost like photoshop.... and it's on sale for less than $80. Go take a look and demo it.

Tashi Core said...

I hobbled into the Truth sale in the wee hours of SLT on a weekday... after stripping down to my undies and shaving my head and 2000 unsuccessful tries and crashing 3 more times after I squeezed in before I bought anything. My friend told me about cam shopping but it didn't work for me. Good luck to you. Cheers.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Hey there. You need a friend and I need a friend...so maybe we should...you know... *waggles eyebrows* LOL! Seriously, you can IM me whenever. I'm usually just standing around looking at myself.

Strawberry Singh said...

It's amazing how many people have wished for lower tier, you think LL would see this as an opportunity, oh well. Great to hear about the RL blog and your healthier journey as well! <3