Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arcade on my Mind

I am usually a tight fist when it comes to my Linden money. However this past weekend there were SO many adorable things. I have a really hard time turning down discounts and an even worse time turning down a gatcha. As you can imagine The Arcade was my heaven and hell.

I won't go into the maddness of showing you everything i got. Honestly it's a little scary. I had set a modest budget for myself and in a matter of days found myself blowing through thousands of Lindens and even going so far as to buy more. DO you know how many times in my entire 5+ years in SL I have bought Lindens? Twice. - This was only after I went premmie and had to buy land. You can see why my insane spending was out of control.

I do admit I hit up about 50 yard sales to boot. Holy buckets- Those places are almost as toxic to me as the original gatcha itself.

Finally I dragged my bleeding wallet around to a few discoutns and sales. Check out some of my goodies!

Shock and awe.. I took a non-white backgrounded picture! *fistpump*

Please don't hate be but I totally forgot to actually EDIT this. Oye. Anywho...

Hair & Flowers- Truth- Video Games- Ginger ( I snagged the faded brown and purple too. Wee!)
Necklace:.Olive. The folded Gold Paper Necklace- C (got G which =hubs initials! and also have B.. anyone want it? IM me !)
Fan: Shakeup Arcade Fan- Leaves

All these items can be found at The Arcade (and various yard sales... shhhh)

Also worn:
Dress- [AUX] - Summer Sun-Sky (also have Noon and Twilight)@ TDRF 40L

The curtain in the background is also an arcade sng. I am so in love with these. It totally pulled my slightly boring decor together perfectly!- I don't want to show you all my other things. It looks like something from Grandma's chatchki room.

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