Monday, March 18, 2013

He's so Dreamy..

I have been a huge fan of Cupcakes pretty much forever. I can still remember my first shopping sprees there way back when I was pretty much brand shiny new. It was a nirvana of complete awesome. Cute girly clothes and later on some awesome skins. Five years has not dulled my enthusiasm!

Most recently I was pointed towards something new and exciting- The Dreamboat male skin! It's pretty awesome. I can say this because yes, I decided to gender bend for a bit recently. Hey with a name like Khloe.. yeah no still a girl but it was still pretty fun!

This new skin line is currently available at the most recent Skin Fair that will be running until March 31st 2013!  You can check out Skin Fair Here! Please note this is a set landing point but you can find Cupcakes located at 132, 31, 20 on Sim 2 along the Southern most wall! Squee!

I'm a Mannnnn Baby. Yeah okay, now that I have that out of the way!...

The Dreamboat skin is offered in 3 shades: Pale, Medium, and Tan. The base skin runs for 900L which is a pretty decent price for a quality skin these days.

When I say base skin I mean no frills. You do get the option of Hairy versus Hairless.  This is refering to the body hair. The body hair is a light dusting of chest, happy train and well you know where hair grows on men hopefully!

Then this skin gets fun! There are SO many tattoo options It's almost insane. You can purchase the tattoo layers for 50-70-90L. You can buy all the tattoo layers for 500L!

There are 7 facial hair options: Goatee (Shown above 3rd face shot), full shadow beard, Dark beard, pencil moustache, Ethan, Chinstrap (Shown above Middle face shot)  and Blonde Beard (Shown above Top face shot)

There are 7 Details options: Tough, Mature, Oily, Tired, Patchy brows, Unibrow, and Wizened (grey) brows

And finally...

There are 7 make-up options: Black lips, blood drips, pale lips, dark lips, crossed eye makeup, eyeshadow, and eyeliner.

The possibilities are pretty much endless for combining.  If you haven't been by take the time to check out this set, you won't  be sorry!

Also worn: 

*Cupcakes - Spring Boxer/Brief - Blue/Yellow

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