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Let's chat! My 7 SL Facts

While I love a good fashion blog post there is one thing I almost love more- A blogger challenge! Okay I also love a good story post too. It helps break up the every present fashionistas out there and let's me see a little bit of you!

For a while now I've been reading Alicia Chenaux's "Ch'Know?" blog. I have a serious blogger crush on her stuff. I love that she keeps her fashion blog separate! I also love how she decorates (That's what originally sent me to her blog!)

Anyhow she recently did meme she saw from

My SL Fact #1:

Until this year I have never bought Lindens! All the Lindens I had I earned from jobs, surveys and silly things like Gold Hunt! Within 4 months of being in SL I had amassed 65,000L from being a dancer. Honest to goodness I have NO idea how that happened. I started dancing to meet people and make a little money. One job led to me working 5 clubs at once for a period.

My SL Fact #2:

 I am REALLY bad at meeting people. Like really bad (cue violins!) I have exactly one friend I talk to on a regular basis. I don't count my husband because most of the time we are in the same part of the house on our avatars! I like people but I feel super awkward going to things where everyone else knows each other. That girl standing there on the outskirts at your club or party pretending she's afk so she doesn't seem lame? Yeah, that's me! Let's be friends! Kay? But don't be a creeper please! (See story below!)

 When I was brand new I met this woman who promised to help me learn about SL. She took me to some free places to find clothes and introduced me to new places. Around my first or second day she tp'd me to her "house" (I later learned that she owned a slave dungeon!!) She took me to a room to let me "change" my outfit (At this point I didn't really grasp that I could change anywhere I wanted to, oye) As I was figuring our how to put things on, I looked around. I soon realized that the far side of the room was filled with sex furniture!! I had NO idea how to get out. I didn't have any landmarks of my own yet and I was still learning everything. I ran around the room running into walls and jumping over furniture until I finally learned how to use search to teleport elsewhere.

My SL Fact #3:

 Okay, deep breath.. Currently I have eleven semi active avatars. Yes.. 11. This doesn't even count the avatars I have deactivated. I began collecting them and calling them my army when drama struck in my life. It was like I became fixated on changing myself with each one until I found something that stuck. I would create a new avatar, make her/him pretty and quickly lose interest. I have all kinds now.. fantasy, hybrid, vamp, biker, retro, character.. you name it.  Khloe is not my first avatar. About a year before I made Khloe I had fiddled around with SL. I created an avatar then kind of freaked myself out and immediately deleted everything SL related! Khloe is actually my 4th avatar I made before it "stuck"

My SL Fact #4:

I met my RL husband in SL- He was a big red demon in a pimp suit, I was a gangly scantily clad chic with no AO. After some really hard times in my life G and I became close. 7 months into starting Khloe in SL I took a trip from the North East to the South East and finally met him face to face. 5 years later we're married! 2 years this August. I always thought people who met others online were creepy, losers or insane. I've obviously changed my tune!

My SL Fact #5:

I feel really inadequate as a designer. I make these items that I feel are great and I feel so proud- then I leave my safe haven, wander into a "big name" store and BAM! I see these insanely detailed pieces. I've considered closing my store about a million times. I start getting depressed because I only sell things during sales or in discount shops/events. I always want to buy or make something unique but I look at exclusive items that cost upwards of 10,000L- can not do it. Sometimes I see a bunch of bigger named designers with the same or similar mesh/sculpted items that I can not find myself to make. I swear there's a secret society of designers out there hoarding all the good stuff for themselves.. crazy lady in the house!!

My SL Fact #6:

 I had an SL baby once. I went through the whole SL belly and belly talker (while I was still dancing no less). We spent an absurd amount of money on a little prim baby that I think we used for a week, if that. I quickly realized I didn't know what to do with her. I wasn't interested in setting up baby furniture or watching her "grow". I did want an SL family though. A lot of my friends had siblings, parents, even god parents. I really wanted that but have never found people who stuck around long enough for me to feel comfortable with. My own RL family is sort of a mess and just like SL I really only have my husband. I'd love to have sisters to do girls day with or movie nights. I detest child avatars that have skins with makeup and look like little mini adults so I have a hard time considering adopting. I went through the process once and felt so awkward (again with the bad social skills, jeazzz) that I never finished the trial. She was sweet but not a good fit for me. I have a feeling I'd fall better into being the adult sibling or child..

My SL Fact #7:    

 I have land and housing ADD. I start off LOVING what I've done. I go through these insane decorating binges until I have a house that's somewhat of a show piece. Then I get bored and have to start over. My husband finally suggested I go premmie because we were moving monthly. I HATE the land we live on now but it's mine so here we stay. I would love to live on a sim with folks I considered friends or family. The type of place that was ultra decorated, had seasons and let me wander around without a million ban lines or little square parcels surrounded by water! Also.. I want to be able to put up a really awesome house with tons of rooms and not have to skimp on prims! arghhh

WOOW. When I started writing this I pretty much sat here unable to think of a thing to write... Now I'm having a hard time stopping. There are a million little things I want to share with people... whyyyyy. Please feel free to leave links to your own 7, if you go ahead and do this I love to read these things!


 What I'm wearing:
Top: (fd) Tucked In T - S White @ C88
Pants: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Briston Trousers[Black] (Past FaMeshed item)
Shoes: [Gos] Sophia Peeptoe - Black

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Yay! I love when people do these things because I love getting to know others just a little better! You should IM me in world sometime. I'm usually just hanging out doing nothing. LOL