Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let me put this into [Context]

If you read my last post about my 7 SL facts then you know I pretty much stink at meeting people and making friends. You can understand then why I was so excited to have reconnected with an old SL buddy from way back when!

I first met Kennef back in 2008. He was like the big brother figure in my life for a long time. Eventually time and different groups of friends had me losing my way for a bit. I recently connected with Kennef again and I was super excited to hear he too had ventured into the world of fashion design! I mean really, who doesn't want a fashion designer friend in your pocket (PS. My fashion designing bes-tfriendship is totally up for grabs. , ahmmm)

If you haven't heard of [Context] By Kennef then I suggest you all get in the know on this one! His market place store holds everything from mesh, to swimwear and even some jewellery! If you are someone who loves multi-wear items then this place is for you! One thing I really love about [Context] is the texture change HUD. I mean I really love this. It's amazingly simple to use and I can wear one Mesh T-shirt with 5 different textures! This is pretty awesome for someone like me. I love to always be wearing a "fresh" outfit most days but sometimes it can be a HUGE pain to try and remember where everything is and exactly what I'm wearing. With these items I can simple attach a HUD and choose my next look. Simple!

Take a look at some of the goodies I got recently! Both of these looks do come with a texture HUD so you get a few options for a more than reasonable price!

The clothing does run more towards women, however if you are a guy who loves a great graphic Tee then look no further Kennef offer over 28 shirts for the casual male.

Believe me when I say the prices are beyond reasonable. In most cases you are getting that amazing HUD I mentioned so spending 189L for 9 textured dresses is pretty amazing.

[Context] Buckled Halter Dress w/ 5x texture change HUD
[Context] Zane Minidress  w/ 9w texture change HUD!


[Blossom] or now easier known as [B] is having another sale!! The Follow the Rainbow Sale runs until March 18th! ALL clothing is marked down to 75L, select shoes and boots have been marked down as well. Some sets in the store are marked down to 50L as well. Anything marked down to 50L will be removed from the Main Store and set on MP in the upcoming weeks so make sure to grab it while you can!

There is also a new group gift out! Join the [Blossom] group and wear your tag!

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