Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roam if you want to

After reading my last blog entry this morning I was overwhelmed by what can only be described as mild embarrassment. To heck with being bored. I have to make my own fun!!!

Before I got down to business I decided to pick the best outfit. Right now I'm really into the gorgeous mesh creations I've been collecting. After some thought I realized there is still a large group of people out there without mesh viewing abilities and those folks would see me naked wearing a canoe. In deference to them I turned to my wardrobe in search of something cute that might entice the good folks of SL to interact with me without thinking I was a hooker.

Hoorah! I suck at picking out outfits on the fly so this was the best I could come up with. Quickly: Dress- Kyoot, Jacket- Mon Tissu, Belt- Maitreya (from jeans), boots- Celoe, Hair-Exile (old gift) and Socks- *G Field*. Annnd I was off to find adventures! I busted out my old trusty folder of "Homes, Hot spots, and clubs" that I have collected pretty much since I was a newb.

My evening went something like this:

TP to location > Get ejected
TP to location > Location is for sale/ no longer exsists
TP to location > Fall 1000+ meters
TP to location >  Find location intact but empty.


I eventually made it to two old places I occasionally met friends at. The first made me feel skeevy because it was now a nudist location and they actually had voyeurs sitting along the wall they use to keep folks out. Creepers. The second place I found turned out to be an info hub. We used to visit here often helping newbies and fun stuff. Helping newbies now just kind of sucks. The people you encounter are either old folks in alts looking to harass people or new folks who either don't speak your language or just don't give a crap that you spent 20 minutes teaching them how to put on pants. Upon arrival here I was immediately attacked by 3 newbie males asking for sex. Sigh.

Oh yeah and I ran into a guy sing/rapping weariung a chicken head and riding around in a wheel chair bashing everyone until a goblin, a carni and a creepy clown decided to harass him. THis is what people do in SL now? Maybe I'm better off at home..

Jst as I really began to feel let down after searching dozens of places somethng amazing happened. I got an IM. Not just any random person but an old friend. He was iming to wish me a happy rez day.

I'm 4 years old today! It's probably the first time ever that someone remembered without me pokig them about it for a week... bc heck... I forgot :O

Until next time lovelies! I'm going to go find me a club to celebrate at! hugs

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