Monday, January 16, 2012

All Dress Up and Nowhere to Go

>> BLEH<<

That pretty much describes how I've been feeling. That trip I took really wore me out. While away I managed to contract the Plague. I swear. I missed out on half of the things I planned because I was a vile creature no one wanted to come near. I actually broke down and saw a Doctor. Which says something because I don't have a job atm... which means I  don't have health insurance... and well with 3 hospital visits under my non insured belt... I would rather cut off a finger than try to squeeze more medical bills into my skinny budget. >>siiigh<< Whine whine. moan. groan. Yay

Anywho I'm finally easing out of the lasts of that bit of nasty and now I'm being plagued by a case of the blues. I just feel... sad/bored/helpless/lonely.. the list goes on. I need a life which i guess is pretty hilarious since I supposedly have 2 thanks to the magic of SL. Apparently not though. If I'm not working my SL job or forcing myself to post something here you can almost always bet I'm standing just outside of the front door to our SL house staring into space. When did I get so boring?! I remember when going to clubs was fun, and people actually *did* things. Now my SL consists of roaming around work directing people around. When my shift is over I sit there and organize and reorganize my inventory. My husband barely logs  on at all these days. Sometimes we sit in the same room with our avi's logged on while we surf the web. LAME.

Is it just me? DO you actually do something fun? If so you should share... or be my friend... I could use one of those too. Woah buddy.. after reading this I'm sure all you cool cats are never going to talk to me again... Let me try to redeem myself ey?

See? I clean up pretty darn well. I got all dressed up tonight and then thought, "Okay, now what?".. So I went in the house for like the first time ever. Is it weird that I tend to decorate my house while standing outside? Probably. Anyways I got this awesome dress after hearing about the famed Shayariel's 3rd blogger anniversary. While I've never met her in world she was nice enough to comment here one and make my day a little brighter. Anyways if you check out her blog group inworld called Shay and the SL Shopping Gang you can see just how loved she totally is. I mean some amazing designers literally spammed her to death with goodness. The group is free to join. I snagged this dress which comes in a few different colors and styles. The dress is Mesh just so ya know!

Okay I feel a bit more chipper now. THanks for listening, my lovelies!

Until next time!! XOXO

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Jayme Carolina said...

MUAH...I loves me Khloe!!!