Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LOTD: Skinny Budget 3

Hello my lovelies!

It took me a while to decide what to call this particular look. In light of some recent jokes the "Angry "Real" Housewife" I have quite possibly the best husband ever. But he rarely logs his butt in anymore. Sometimes I log in, get dressed up and glare at the back of his head willing him to log into SL with me. We live in a small town where "night life" is a foreign concept so sometimes I like to go out in SL. I felt this would be a great look. all dressed up and Hubby is off doing something else. POOH.

 Hair: LOQ @ TDRB 70L
 Jewelry: Exodi Summers End Earrings (hunt item. multiple colors!) Free!
 Dress: Milk Motion @ TDRB 70L
 Shoes: Mary Jane Shoes Group Gift Free

The total cost of this look was : 140L. It's a little bit more expensive that I'd hoped but still pretty doable for the most part! You can always substitute a different hair if you have something sleek and feline that works better for you!I think the look speaks for itself. A little pouty. Silently steaming without showing a wrinkle. It somewhat suited my mood these past few days. I somehow came in contact with something I'm allergic too. My eyes are itchy and puffy and my scalp feels like evil things are clawing at it. Pout Anger. Sigh. Hope you like the look! If there is something you'd like to see done cheap send me some ideas!

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