Sunday, January 22, 2012

LOTD- SKinny Budget

Hello my lovelies!

I'm hoping to start a little something that I like to think of as my Skinny Budget Chronicles. Pretty much I'm hoping to show all you thrift fashionistas out there that cheap doesn't have to look cheap. You can pull off some amazing looks in SL with little to no money and a whole lot of patience!

Tonight is my "Date Night/ Girls Night Out". When I think of that topic I think slinky, sexy, and fun. The goal is to look hot but not TOO hot. We don't want to make our hunnies think we are too full of ourselves! As I live in a tiny town with zero night life I have to get my kicks in world. Check it out!...


 Hair- D!va Group Gift ( 2 styles)
 Jewelry- Miel Subscribo Gift (Texture change earrings and necklace)
 Dress- Color.Me.H.O.F (TDR item. Night dress)
 Shoes: Mary Jane Shoes- Group Gift  in Gold

The total cost of this look was a mere 60L. Granted I did not by a skin or shape. However you can easily buy a shape or make one for free. As for skins. SO many High end designers participate in discount shoulds like the dressing room (where I got my dress) or Collabot88 you can easily get something fabulous under 100L

Hopefully this will become my "thing"I always love looks on a budget! Is there a look you'd like to see done cheap? Let me know!

Until Next TIme! XOXO

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