Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hello lovelies!

I shouldn't be taking time to post but...pssshh. I AM! I wanted you all to know that I pinky promise to come back when things are a bit more settled in our new life! I don't have my normal computer so taking pictures is currently a big fat NO.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warning. This Post contains a large rant regarding my RL. If you do not wish to laugh, cry and gasp in horror feel free to stop reading now! I'll get back to SL fashion when I can!!!!!!!!!!!

First off this is my first day with internet in over a week! Imagine that. I never realized how addicted I was until I had to drive to the dinky county library just to check my email or look up a location. It was a scary time that amounted to me reading a book a day or better. And this was all around unpacking!

Unpacking = hell. Not our unpacking mind you. The additional family moving in. Our items were out off the cars and 75% unpacked within 2 hours. They came with the  biggest U-haul truck. siigh.

Another downer is the house. Oh boy. When the world as I knew it lurched to a halt we made fast and often hard decisions. The biggest being to pack up what we could and get out of dodge before we really dug ourselves in a hole. That being said when the offer came from the in-laws to go on an adventure to a house they had inherited it seemed to be a perfect solution. Too bad the house looks like something you'd see on that show 'Extreme Home Makeovers'.  Currently I'm staring at a giant crack directly over my bed Waiting for the roof to fall in. To name a few of the issues: The house is so old that: the paint is peeled off outside, it was never wired properly so eventually one of us is going to electrocute everyone in the house, the carpets are green and brown shag (WTFH) and that's just the half of it. I believe this is where I start sobbing and bed Ty Penington to come save me. PS. Did I mention someone brilliant put a WINDOW in the shower. Yeahhhh. True story.

Another downer is the double family issues. The house is a lot smaller than we were led to believe. Instead of three bedrooms there are two. The kitchen is cramped and all the appliances need replacing. That being said you can picture what that does to two very different couples.  My relationship with my husband is still bubbly and fresh. Sure we've been together for four years, but we also have only been married for a month! We still like to have fun, be together and live. The in-laws are extremely religious and unbending. There is a certain 'women belong in the kitchen' vibe that grows stronger daily. My feminist side resents the "Man of the house" (yes that's what Mr. In-law calls himself) who thinks just because he demands it or snaps his fingers I'm supposed to hop to. Especially when I'm busy unpacking boxes so we can actually sleep on our beds. This living arrangement won't last long. Then of course theres Mrs. In-law. I like her for the most part. She can be a bit different but most of the time we get on fine. It's the times when she's too polite to say she wishes we hadn't come. The comments like "This was a big house for 2 people." Sorry, you should have spoken up sooner. Oh yeah and they don't eat meat suddenly. Uhm. To each their own but I'd rather walk away now than give up my meat.

So all in all this move has been a total bust. I do like the town, though it takes getting used to. It's small, there is no traffic but it often feels like it's a decade behind in times. There is a strong religious vibe, people are extremely friendly and will be glad to talk your ear off and the movie theater is so tiny you buy your tickets and candy at the same counter.

And that my readers is why Khloe is pretty much on hiatus. Much love and don't forget me! Keep your eyes peeled. I'm so ready to dive into a fall wardrobe!

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