Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Don't Think You're Ready for this Jelly

Hello my lovelies! I am participating in yet ANOTHER blogger challange. They help keep me entertained I guess!

The challenge was put out there by Miss Gogo of Juicy Bomb! I have such a blog crush so I absolutely had to join in!

Because we all tend to focus so much on the front of our avatars when doing photos she has but out a call for all of us to showcase our derrière!

Snap some picks and be as creative as you like just show her how much junk (or how little!) you have in your trunk :D

I love this because I have a bit of a booty love in SL. Or sometimes hate. My avatar has a bit more curve on her lower half. No she isn't one of those abusers of the slider but she does have a bit of a ghetto booty. In fact it seems to be a constant issue when it comes to skirts or dresses in SL. I've spent many a day modifying clothing to fit my shape because I refuse to be a complete twig! Yay for booty!!!

I wasn't as creative as I could have been this time around but I thought it got the point across. Of course the whole time I sat there taking tons of pictures I had one some going through my head- Bootylicious. I know. Laugh all you want

If you too want to show off the booty you can post a comment or post on the challenge Flickr!! Challenge goes until the next one is posted so I'm sure you have some time!

PS. this is the first time I've actually watched the video. I grew up listening to Destiny's Child but the cheesiness of this cracked me up!

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