Sunday, September 11, 2011

I like to Mesh Around

I won't lie. I still have my reservations about mesh. I know I've talked about it quite often recently so I'll try to make this one of my last meshy bits for a while. I mentioned previously that I had raided Jane so I wanted to show you two of the skirts I ended up with!

I ended up getting a maxi skirt and a pencil skirt. These two pieces were super important to me because as I've said, my booty tends to take over sculpted/prim skirts. So I was super excited to be able to rock these two gems.

I also want to be very clear that I have done no editing to change the look of either item. They didn't need it to get the point across!

Oh and the adorable shoes I'm wearing are from Koko's subscribo! Grab em while you can!

Speaking of adorable shoes...

I am so in love with these shoes from Lelutka. I had seen a RL ad similar to them and though I'm not a RL show freak I pretty much lost my mind over them. SO imagine my glee when my love Jayme shoots me an IM. I'm pretyty sure there was screaming about amazing shoes and then sudden tps..

Upon landing I was like "OH, look at your amazing shoes. yay for you!" I scanned over the price tag, scanned my Linden acount and got a bit pouty in my head. Darn it. Not enough Lindens. About this time I start plotting which of my horses I can pawn off for some cash. Then something AMAZING happens.

She bought me shoes!!!! Becasue she is amazing and the bestest friend ever... and and.. she knows I would love them. <3 I do. I really do.

WOW. That was the worst paragraph/story...ever? SO Anyway, that is the tale of how I came to own my first un-free/ subscribo/ group gift- shoes in... well a long long time! Thank you mama J! <3 You rockz!

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