Thursday, September 8, 2011


I think this whole massive rain thing is really throwing me off. Currently I'm living in a warm weather state that , dare I say, is almost bearable right now. It's got a slight chill to the breeze and doesn't make me want to weep while I'm trudging inside and out.

Of course it also seems to have convinced my body that it's time for big fluffy hoodies and beef stew. I have a Guiness stew-like concoction heating up on the stove. Yums.

I also allowed myself to get dragged into the world of mesh now that FireStorm has a Mesh Beta viewer out atm. After hemming and hawing over my Linden balance I sucked it up and headed down to Jane.

I've previously discussed Jane's early attempts at mesh but I hadn't yet purchased anything. I was really holding out to see changes and for a darn viewer that didn't crash every 3 seconds.

I was pleasently surprised to see a few new additions to her already more than ample mesh cache. I was even more pleased as I stood there trying demos to see she had made more size options.

The last time I was there things were in Large or Small. I had a bit of a crisis. I tent to be between sizes in RL. Before I had even worked up to trying on a demo I had already gotten myself into a tither. I'm pretty sure there was some shrieking and a little bit of fist shaking. My husband just looking at me and shook his head. But NOOOW there are more options so gosh darnit something was going to fit. And it did! Like a glove. I ended up with a long skirt, hoodie and a cute dress.

As you can tell by my total lack of editing or trying I'm feeling like a bit of a bum today. At some point I will show you my other goodies but this is the awesome comfy hoodie I bought. It made me want to curl up!

Which I would be doing in RL if my living room *cough entire apartment cough* didn't look like we had held up a Uhaul. Oh boxes why must you take up so much sppppacccce. Sigh

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