Saturday, May 5, 2012

Color me Culture Socked

Hello loelies!

RL has kept me more busy than normal lately. I've been caught betwen enjoying the gorgeous weather and cringing at all the tornado warnings we've gotten recently!

Today's a pretty yuck day but at least there's no sirens for now! I took a bit of time to drag myself over to the Culture Shock event this afternoon. I am always a big fan of anything Chic Management does so I knew I was in for a treat! 

Anywho I really went for one purpose this time around... G*Field. I so love anything they make so when I saw they had some adorable meshy skirts and a FREE pair of heels I hightailed it on over! They are offering some amazing frilly skirts right now for 180L a piece. However they have  a special vendor out with 2 exclusive colors that offer 100% of proceeds to the Doctor's Without Borders Charity. Those 2 skirts are marked down to 100L. These colors are exclusive and super cute. You have the choice of a Goldenrod Yello and a Pink edged Denim.

Please take note these items are MESH so you need to make sure your viewer can handle that. Also be sure to grab the super generous golden heels she's set out as well!Check out some of the goodies I snagged..

For myself I grabbed the golden skirt and paired it with the awesome free shoes, both from G*Field. I tied the look together with this funky 'Eccentric Pencil Necklace that Apple May Designs was also offering as a free gifty at this event! And no girly is complete without a funny hairdo. I snagged this 'do' recently from Clawtooth's group gifts! The original color is a lighter red color but I decided to give it a little boost in color to match my normal style!

Hope you all enjoy a bit of sunny colored goodness for your weekend!

Also if you haven't been to [Blossom] yet I suggest you get on that. I'm currently offering my entire CHAINED collection for 1L a pop right now. I've been working on redoing a lot of my textures and styles and it's taking me longer than I'd like so I figured you all deserved a treat! Grap these while you can because there's no telling when I'll have things doe and one I remove them they will be gone for good!

As a side note I have a bit of a laugh for you today. Do you think KHloe looks like a man? I happened to be out when some random weirdo began to IM me. The conversation ultimately came to a stand still after said person asked if I was hiding something long and hard in my jeans.. o.O  Do you think Khloe looks too masculine? sheesh

until next time!  XOXO

Culture Shock

Note: Culture shock lands you at a base point. G*Field and Apple May are both located on Blue Street Section

Be sure your script level is super low. The biggest issue I had was being unable to pass an invisible wall that tells you you have so many scripts and you can't pass until you have 50 scripts or less. I was a little confused by this because I generally show up to these lag fests pretty low lag causing in general. This claimed I had over 300 scripts... WHAT?! I checked the items I had on and was unbable to remove anything that would cause this issue. Eventually i relogged and magically I was well below the allowed limit. Odd..

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