Monday, May 21, 2012

All I needed was a bit more Focus

Hello darlings!

I've been such a Debbie Downer lately with my blogging. I'm hoping that will change soon! I got a fantastic offer the other day and I just could not possibly pass it up!

When it comes to blogging and poses most of you will notice I generally stand the same way. After a while we all know that can be a bit "Blah". SO when I received an ffer to try working to Focus Poses I was pretty much over the moon. If you havent been here yet you absolutely need to. I'm always looking for something a bit different than the generic 'cocked hip' pose. Carol and Fabio have created a greeat set up of some amazing couple and singles poses. You can absolutely be sure that most of what you'll see in the future will be from them!

Anywho, these great poses gave me that jump start I needed to blog some things I've snagged for myself recently...

Hello freebies! I recently snagged this adorable mesh outfit from Hucci's subsciber. I am all about the fact that it's actually seperate pieces so not only do I get a super cute mesh outfit, but I can mix and match the items into my wardrobe. Double the awesomeness. I decided to pair them with the latest [Blossom] shoe I'm working on. These aren't availabe quite yet but you can snag a free blue pair in the subscriber at my main store!  To complete the look I had my sights on the newest group gift from [Elikatira]! (Group costs 250L)

I've been holding onto this gown for a few days now.
PurpleMoon is one of my favorite formal wear designers. That's saying something as I tend to be horribly picky. This dress was the latest group gift topping out at 14000 members. Clearly I'm not along in my love of these gowns. Poulet is a genius!

Both poses you've seen are from Focus Poses as I mentioned above. You can check them out at their In-World Store OR on their Marketplace

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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