Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Blossom] Sale


You Read right my darlings! All BLUE shoes are currently 50% off an already reduced price! This means you can snag anything blue, including new releases, for 50L! Yay. Lasts from May 28th - May 31st, so you have a bit of time! Enjoy!

Now onto something plaguing me- Designers, how do you handle or take measures to prevent others from copy botting your items. I know it's pretty much a lost cause but I always wonder if there happens to be a tip or trick I haven't heard of yet?

I recently found out some of my shoes has been copybotted by someone pretending to blog my items. I chalk one up to my being overly thrilled someone liked my stuff, let alone wanted to blog it without me shoving it on them, It makes me sad that now I'm just a bit more cautious about who and what I'm giving away. I want to trust you all, but I've had my first real designer lesson.

I tend to brand a lot of my shoes anyhow but still... It's almost entertaining. Have I come so far that people WANT to steal from me? Or am I just a sitting duck? As I've been dealing with that and the fall out I've been a bit hesitant to make a new release like normal, and I have sooo many things waiting in the wings to be shown to everyone! I discovered what looked like to me, my neighbor usi9ng the exact same texture in her house, only tinted a bit. Normally I'm like "yay, similar tastes!!", except.. I made this particular texture. Had she asked I probably would have offered it to her. It puts another damper on things because these new wall textures were inspiring me to expand my business from just shoes. I've made quite a few of my own home textures over the years and I had considered selling them or something, who knows what will happen now!

Boo hoo, wah wah- Okay I'm done! On a positive note, I've been playing with some mesh cothing in my mad scientist labratory! I might, MAYBE considered releasing some items eventually. Maybe baby.

Anyways, Hope you all enjoy the sale and had a pleasant long weekend if you were so lucky as to get one@

Until next time! XOXO

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