Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogger reviews- Want some?

Hello darlings!

I have so much to say! My heads a bit scrambled. First off- [Blossom] is currently looking for some awesome folks to blog shoes! In the past I've been pretty generous with my bloggers. Being a blogger myself I can appreciate someone who is eager and willing and might not be at the top of the blogging food chain. I've usually let them come to me with requests but after some recent shady dealings I've decided to put my feelers out and see if there are any takers.

1. [Blossom] Review Policy
   -Currently I do accept request for reviews.
   -I have a general pack I am currently sending
       However, If you want a specific color or style
       Just ask!
    - To submit for reviews send a notecard including:
        -Avatar Name
        -Blog Name
        -Link to blog
        -How old the blog is
        -Feeds, if any.

All i request in return is that you do not abuse the privilage and actually blog my items. To be sure of this please submit a link to me showing your work blogging [Blossom] Shoes! That's all! I retain the right to remove review privileges  for any reason including but not limited to failure to blog!

I recently did a sweep of bloggers who had come requesting my items only to find out some had stopped blogging completely and or never blogged items received. I don't expect you to blog everything I give, however if you ask me for a specific item you wish to blog I do expect it to be blogged

Also to give you an idea of what you would be dealing with, this is [Blossom]'s latest group notice!


I released a shoe I'd previously made only for myself in a super bright fun yellow as a new gifty! The old gift s still out as well if you haven't grabbed it yet!


I finally updated myself into the world of subscribo's! In honor of this I have placed a brand new shoe for those of you who subscribe!  This is a completely new sculpted shoe tha I am currently working on, but thought I'd share a first attempt with ya'll! Come Click  &  Enjoy


I'd previously made a small collection of random unreleased sandals and now you all get to reap their rewards! 5 new textures and colors: Sunset, Golden Sun, Tie Dye, Grey scale and Watermelon! 50L a pop!! 


As previously mentioned I have a brand new set of Chained Collection to give them a bit more depth. I have also released 9 new wedges! The new set is named Jaz and comes in 3 mini collections. Solid Metallics, Pastels and glitter!

Last but certainly not least...


Let's face it, the economy sucks for some of us. I even find myself wanting to spend less more often than not. With all the sales I've had I've seen a pattern that everyone likes a good discount. So I've decided to price ALL my shoes (except the 50L Gatchas and freebies) to only 100L. THis price will go on and on As I feel everyone deserves a break. Any upcoming sales will include prices below the 100L mark

I hope you all enjoy the goodies. Some of you have sent requests for colors and ideas and I hope you'll notice I've tried to take them all into account!


PS. Don't forget I still have a Limited Edition shoe for 100L in the RFL vendor as well as a 1L limited edition RFL  hunt item hidden in my store until the end of the month!!!

HINT: Every girl needs a bit of privacy...

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