Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wrapped in chains

Hello lovelies!

First a bit of a rant... WTH is with the new blogpost set up... I hate hate HATE it. I came here to post today and it looked as if my page wouldn't load properly but then I realized that it was actually the new look. Major downgrade. EW

Annywho. Guess what?! Because I've lost my mind I've decided to have a bit of a retirement sale of my Chained Shoe Collection- All marked down to 50L- That's a savings of 200L!!. Whoa buddy, ANOTHER sale! I've been working so hard on all new textures to redo some of my earliest designs as well as working on some all new ones I felt everyone deserved a little goody! Sale runs from April 25th- May 2st but depending on how ell it goes I may just lea ve it until I gt the new goods out.. who knows! Anyway- Get ya shop on! Huggies

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