Tuesday, May 14, 2013

There I fixed it!: The case of the amazing alpha killer and the IM eating Monster

OKay, if you've read any of my recent posts than you know I am having some massive issues with rezzing n SL lately.

 I have been unable to change any clothing at all. When I attempted to use system layers or alpha items would either not show up or the wrong alphas were showing up! I thought maybe it was a weekend issue so I attempted to change from a blazer to a sundress this afternoon. Both items were mesh with alpha layers. The dress alpha never showed up. The blazer alpha refused to go away. I relogged, cleared cache, changed locations, and nada. Nothing helped. I even took everything on me off and tried just system clothing. It took my system shirt a full 2 minutes to even show up- and even then only on my end. My system pants never showed up but a pair of mesh shorts I had worn 2 weeks ago attached themselves out of the blue. It's been REALLY odd.

Over the past few weeks I have barely logged on because I have no interest in being unable to change clothes. I told my husband I was seconds away from giving LL and SL the finger and going on my merry way. It was that frustrating. I spoke to numerous people who had me do all sorts of odd things- none of which made any difference what so ever.

In a fit of despair I started poking around my preference tabs. Maybe something during the update got messed up? It couldn't hurt to look.

While browsing my graphic preferences I noticed something interesting.

The section halfway down that says Alpha Mask Rendering. I don't generally dig around in my preferences too much so I have never noticed this. My first thought when reading the 2 options was "What the heck is Advanced Lighting Model?!?!"

I was kind of curious if the fact that they were both checked was the reason I was having issues? So I snooped some more!

Under General Graphics I saw this:

On the left, under Shaders, second from the bottom. When this is checked it turns on Ambient Occlusion, shadows and the like. I like shadows but I decided to see what unchecking it would do- if anything.

Immediately ALL my textures rezzed properly! What the heck?! So I toggled it again and left it checked this time. My issues were still gone.

So conclusion: If you have alpha or rezzing issues like me- Toggle the Advanced Lighting Model check box and see if that sorts you out!

Please let me know if this helps anyone out there. I'm still scratching my head.

Another mind boggling issue is my lack of offline messages. I recieved an IM this afternoon from a friend who pretty much told me off for ignoring her. I was pretty surprised because well, you all know that no one ever really ims me. I had a mega case of what the heck? The last known logs I had were from April and it was me contacting her with no response. I haven't been on much since then so I was pretty surprised to learn she had left me numerous offline ims. I never got ANY of them until her offline today. That's a whole new ballgame for me to figure out. So.... if you actually took the time to IM me and never got any responses: wait 24 hours, try again, catch me when I am online (be quick!) or send me a notecard. As far as I know, I get those!

Gah SL is a crap shoot lately.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same IM issue the past few weeks. No idea why, but suddenly anything from SL,offlines, notices, RENT REMINDERS (eek!), were in my spam folder. I have never had that issue so never thought to check it till a few days ago. I had to click like 60 emails as "not spam". Hope that helps!