Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Great Confession

I've been such a bad blogger lately! Oops. I totally missed last week's meme, and am already a day behind in this weeks! Someday I will get my shitaki together, maybe...

BY the way my auto correct tried to change Shitaki to skidmark... just to share.

So, it's Confession Week y'all?! Share 1-10 of you deepest Second Life secrets! Annnd GO!

1. I justify all my purchases with "I can blog it!" : I hate to spend anything in SL. There have been times where I will buy something I don't actually need" just so I can  blog it". I almost NEVER do. I always have the best of intentions and sometimes I even take pictures, start a post and then forget about it. I do this a LOT.

2. My shape is a fraud: I've harped before on how much I love my shape! I've even gone so far as to say it's MY shape. I'm such a fraud. The shape I've worn for close to 5 years?- That shape is originally my husband'/s creation. He had a fantastic female avatar and I always looked like a creepy beanpole with giant boobies. FInally he offered it to me (or i begged..) So in truth, the only "mine" thing on my avatar is my face. For shame.

3. I'm a hoarder: My overflowing inventory is organized to the point of being anal. I have folders>sub-folders>sub-sub-folders. I also have a million "boxed" items. I have this fear that is I delete anything I may someday need it. But really, when am I ever going to wear that totally system outfit from 2008, or that skin I tried to make in 2009? NEVER

4. Profiles are for stalkers like me: We may have lost touch, or had an epic fight. But guess what? Chances are I still read your profile from time to time to see what you are up to, if you are still around or if you have fallen from grace. It's a compulsion.

5. Stalking 2.0?: So I rarely leave my platform for anything other than shopping or event reviews. I do go to one club. I secretly know someone who works there. They are from my past and we didn't end out friendship well. I liked the club before I realized she worked there and was unwilling to give up a place with people who actually know who I am and greet me! She imed me a few times and I have acted like I have no idea who she is. :O

6. I'm BORING: I complain about not having friends or being invited places. If I'm being honest though? I hate going out a lot- my internet is crap and I tend to get slow. Also when people IM me I tend to let conversations trail off to nothing. Most of the time beyond "Hello" and "How are you?", I have nothing left to say unless you have something to contribute.

7. I have a volcano temper: I'm really easily angered when supposedly simple things in SL don't work. When I can't get to an event, or your vendor is offline or your MP never delivers my item- I can get super bitchy. Mostly to myself and occasionally on here. I can EXPLODE with rage until I realized I am getting mad at pixels on my  computer and then I feel like a dumb ass. I secretly hate when someone IMs me about my store- in a bad way. If my vendor is not working, or something is wrong- I have no issue fixing it. Heck that is what I'm here for. On the flip side of this I've also have someone IM me in a superior manner trying to tell me how I should be running things, why my vendors are not to their liking or something that really is not their concern- It pisses me off.

Alright I'm tapping out! That was a pretty hard list of things. Okay, okay- confession bonus? Sometimes I read your blogs to get ideas for my answers. Sorrrry. Or not. This post makes me sound like some psycho person. Awesome sauce. Whatever, that's me folks!

Worn: Grace top from Kanou. There are a whole bundle of colors now.

I'm not wearing any pants! Sorry. Actually I do that a lot.. Confession # 9?

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