Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello darlings!

I've been in SL a long time now and throughout the years I've seen a LOT of charity events. I've donated my time and my money when I have some to give.

In RL my family has mad many reasons to participatye in charity events. We've donated our time, we've created groups, raised money and even started a few charity's of our own. When my nephew passed away my sister and her husband worked closely with the American Heart and Lung assosication in their sons name My Aunt, while Mayor of her town created the first Walk for Multiple Sclerosis in her area in honor of my mother and her sister..The list goes on as I'm sure you get by now..

My question is this for those of you who are in the "know" I've seen events for various cancers, brain tumors, Alzheimer, depression.. etc etc. Does anyone know if there are any events out there for MS? This is something I've felt strongly about my entirely life and I was really saddened to see exactly 10 items under search for MS... most of which were personal groups..

Do any of you have ties to MS? Or I guess does anyone now of folks looking and willing to consider a new charity? If yo look back in my previous posts this is something I'm extremely linked to and it's something I feel gets little to no attention in a world where folks are almost ALWAYS willing to support a charitable event.

I guess I'm curious on anyone's thoughts for holding something. I'm not very "known" in SL I pretty much stick to myself unless I'm helping someone else by donating my time or a creation. I'd be very interested in learning a bit more from those who have held or helped with these larger events. Especially those who would be willing to offer time, support or sponsorships.

In the past 2.5 years since mymom passes away from complications with mS and my unt has been confined to a nursing home I began to shun the MS world a bit. I've recently begun to perk up towards raising awareness and as I've mentioned I'm even particip[ating in a survey. So... I feel it's time to show a little something for a disease that's often overlooked but more often effects someone we know and love..

Is anyone interested out there?

Enough downer-mode for now!

Until next time!! XOXO

National MS Society

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